Bridal shower invitations, all gussied up with people to invite!

In my opinion, invitation kits are a fantastic base to start out with when creating your perfect invitations.  This instructable gives some ideas on how to personalize your invitation when starting out with a kit.

Step 1: Selecting Your Kit.

You can find a wide variety of pre-packaged invitation kits that are printable.  Some ideas on where to look include: Michaels, Target, Staples, Office Depot, Paper-Source, Papyrus, Hallmark.

This is the kit that I found at Mimio in Pasadena. http://www.mimiopapers.com/
The delicate cherry blossoms give a garden type feel which was perfect for the vibe I wanted to give for my planned event.
wow, this is really lovely and fairly easy way of jazzing up invites. <br>as a side note, i love the personal tea-for-one and the ribbons on the chairs. i can imagine little girls with colorful dresses running around and playing with the ribbons.
Wow. Very inspiring. At first, I thought I wasn't going to like the project because you used premade supplies, but I'm glad I read through it! You did a lot with what you found and turned run-of-the mill stationery into something truly unique and exquisite.<br /><br />Say, are you available to design a wedding in June? ;D
Thanks!<br><br>Funny you should ask... I used to do wedding invites for folks. Now I do floral design for weddings instead. Same amount of effort, but the hand doesn't cramp up from addressing envelopes.

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