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Introduction: Farmhouse Coat Hanger From Pallet Wood

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In this instructable I will show you how I made a farmhouse style coat hanger all from reclaimed pallet wood.

This reclaimed pallet wood project is relatively simple to make with no fancy joinery or woodworking skills need.

First you will need to dismantle 1 or 2 pallets. You will also want to clean and prep the planks by removing all nails or screws, also give the wood a good sanding. (Planks size 4 x 1 inch)

My household has four members, so I'm going to use four hooks and have four cubby holes, but you can make yours to suit.

I then cut four planks to length for the backboard (30 inch) and attached them together with PVA wood glue and dowels. clamped and left to dry.

Next I worked on the shelf and cubby holes section. Each cubby hole is approx 6 x 4 inch. I also left the top shelf overhanging about 1 inch. (see images)

Once the shelving section was complete, I then attached the two parts together using more PVA and screws.

I then gave it some more sanding, working up the grades to about 240 grit. Once I was happy with the sanding surface I gave it a coat of Danish oil.

Now for the hooks. I eyeballed the hooks so they were evenly spaced and screwed them in.

To finish I mounted to the wall.

Be sure to watch the YouTube video for a better understanding.

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Great job. It looks rustic.

Very nice..I'm going to attempt one for my cabin.

Now this is a great use of old pallets.
Good instructable.