​"Fauxrrell Williams" for a "Happy" Halloween!


Introduction: ​"Fauxrrell Williams" for a "Happy" Halloween!

After Pharrell Williams appearance at the Grammys this past year, I used photoshop to put his famous "hat" on my head and other friends and even a large rubber duck, to make people laugh and be "happy" at the sight. What a great reaction from friends and followers - so I thought I'd bring back the memories and the laughs by dressing up as the icon for Halloween. In recreating the icon, I had to match as close as possible - but because no one can replace this music icon - I went with the name "Fauxrrell" as a play on words. Pharrell is also from Virginia Beach, Virginia - my hometown in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area. I also wanted to pay homage to him in this fun way! So, I purchased a "Happy" hat I found online, a red ADIDAS jacket with white stripes, white t-shirt, blue-metallic like pants from H&M, various bracelets, an over-sized wristwatch, diamond earrings, and boots. Assemble as pictured - and dress! DoneI had a blast at a party and everyone wanted a picture with "Fauxrrell" - I felt like a celebrity! So, everyone have have a "Happy" Halloween! - Danny



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    Ha! Great idea. And I love the clever name too!

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