Final Project





Introduction: Final Project

My digital electronics final project is the Chevy logo cut out of Aluminium with color changing neo-pixels, that can hang on a wall.

Step 1:

Get measurements of the prototype, then make the prototype out of cardboard. Then start temporarily attaching the neo-pixels with tape to the back of the prototype.

Step 2:

Once the neo-pixels are temporarily attached, start soldering the ends of the pieces together. After I soldered a couple of pieces together I plugged the neo-pixels into my arduino to make sure that the pixels lit up.

Step 3:

This is also when I started to manipulate the strandtest to get the neo-pixels to do what I wanted.

Step 4:

I then cut out the logo in Aluminium, using the same dimensions from the prototype.

Step 5:

Permanently attach the neo-pixels to the back of the Aluminum logo. I then plugged the neo-pixels into my arduino to see the whole thing light up. This is when I started to try and write my own code

Step 6:

I am still trying to figure out my code, but until that happens, I am just going to keep the strandtest in my arduino so it can still look good.



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    Nice job, hope you get your programmings to work as you like.

    That turned out well! I hope you got an A on your project :)