Picture of Fire Shaving

I am 19, and with my family gene history, that means that I am just starting to hit puberty ...

More accurately, it means I am at the point where I have just enough facial hair for it to be a pain in my ass, but not enough for me to do anything cool with (I look forward to the day when I can be moustachioed like Dali). The slow uneven growth rate of the hair, if left unchecked, will result in a fuzzy chin made up of a variety of hair lengths. The juxtaposition of hairs less than a centimeter in length with hairs over two inches in length makes for a really creepy look.

I have played with fire enough to know that it is a great way of removing hair, so I figured doing it intentionally for once might be a good change of pace, which is why I've started Fire Shaving.

I have no problem with shaving like a normal person, there are many things I do like a normal person. It is just sometimes I want a quick way to eradicate all the little hairs on my face without all the ceremonious procedures of a regular shaving.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
The great thing about fire shaving is that it only really requires one piece of equipment - a lighter.

A butane lighter is highly recommended. It is a much cleaner burn than a wick (zippo) lighter, and the size of the flame is easier to control (make sure the lighter has a flame size adjust).

If you want to be sure that you do not burn any unintended hair, then I also suggest something like painters tape or a baseball hat to block off the extra hair.
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snub1602 months ago

Classic dude, you're a hoot!

igotbored4 months ago
why lighter flued??
WilliamW56 months ago

I do this only for the hairs around my adam's apple. I have a few hairs that reach a couple centimeters long that are way too risky to shave (once I sliced a patch of skin the size of a dime off my adam's apple) so I just burn them down with a lighter.

the.rollie3 years ago
this ladies and gentlemen is why drugs are bad... and then lighter fluid "aftershave" really?.... what has the world come too
its called get a rasor. you can even get a 12 pack at a dollar store
Then maybe you should have read what this tutorial is about then instead of being a prick.
the.rollie jrabon7 months ago

awww did poor mr sandy snatch scratch his Justin bieber cd? go tell your mommy

imrobot jrabon3 years ago
you, jrabon, are awesome. Thank you for fighting the trolls.
aclevidence8 months ago
I think I am going to stick with my straight razor....
Jagenx10 months ago
Gone is the day where comments on an instructable weren't posted by trolls and where attacking a creative individual for building an instructable wasn't tolerated. The odd individual can get very rude at times. Nice instructable my friend! Just today I got a barbers Turkish hot shave and haircut and when they were finishing off the trimmings the lad pulled out a screwdriver, shoved a cotton ball on the end, fired some hairspray at the setup and lit it up. He proceeded to dab without touching my scared looking face, he used it to get the ear hairs and soft hairs the blade didn't get. He was saying it was a common thing to shave like this in turkey without the blade. I asked was it dangerous, he said leaving your house in the morning is dangerous, but you apply common sense to your day....
vanizorc1 year ago
Is it a good idea to try this on pubic hair?
sublore1 year ago
Hilarious comment thread!!! This kid is soooooo goofy
No hard feelings, but that seems dumb and lazy. Next time you "shave" you're face is going to burn with that lighter fluid. Just saying.
poofrabbit2 years ago
I was very entertained reading your instructable, thanks! I hope you are planning to enter it into the redneck contest, because I think you might do well (this is very original!)  Loved all the facial expressions and keep those eye lashes! :)
nemoskull2 years ago
ooookaaay, this seem pretty stupid. but,
i think its a great idea. i have shaved with electric, safty and straight razors. this i gotta try. think of it: no razor burn! i shave in a hurry, so i usualy end up leaving out the door with blood dripping on to stuff. i just kinda got use to the pain, so it leaves a mess.\
FYI, hair will not burn right away, it usualy kinda 'melts' first, so this is not *quite* as dangerous as it seems.
I had to start using Philips shavers @ age 15 and had to use a hair clipper in cases when the Philips had no batteries I am now some years older and still I will only look at guys doing this as some harlequins practicing a party trick
REAL BEARD LIKE BARBED WIRE!!!!!!!!!!! Man I am in danger loosing this "daring" sort of game! Even before the game starts. Tough guys! They chrome their fighting chains to keep the fight sterile and clean When lost in a forest they use rattlesnakes to tie up their trousers!!
mwicksey3 years ago
although i forgot to mention. the butane as after shave is a little bit immature, id go with aloe or something to sooth the skin if its left with a burning feeling. and when i do try this ill go with 2 burns then ill use my razor.
It's not butane as aftershave, how has no one caught this yet? Butane evaporates entirely too quickly, that's lighter fuel commonly used for Zippos.
I dislike that so many people are posting comments about how "this will kill the follicle and cause permanent hair loss" and "can cause infertility if you use it on your coinpurse" and also, somebody made a comment about him being on drugs. In another country (I think in the middle east) this is the way everyone shaves. It is a normal thing to do in some places so dont be rude. Do you even realize how strange some american customes are?
mwicksey3 years ago
Now thats what i call thinking outside the box :) i just thought of the same thing i may try it later on. People may say we are out of our minds or crazy but i personally think it is a creative alternative approach to shaving. so all of you who think its dumb it isnt its actually very smart as long as you are careful :)
jsnod136 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
You really think a video game is more productive? I have nothing against video games but the last word I'd use to describe them is 'productive'.
Truthfully, it depends on how you look at them. Video games increase hand to eye coordination and some, such as the Portal series, even make you use reasoning techniques to figure out the puzzles in the game. Not to mention, some video games are like books just A LOT more interactive.
hey im Italian to and im 12 got my first real bit of a mustach.
That's a little bit strong! -- Be nice, I can see possibilites for this, and given it is gone about in the right way gives excellent results and the safety side isn't too bad -- given the flame is always on the move and your wanted facial/scalp-based hair is kept out the way. Obviously you'd be a cleft if you tried to do this with a 1300 degree centigrade gas torch, like the jet lighter variety for example. Imagine this, you are miles from anywhere and are carrying one of the most important things in life -- water, fire, grub, blah blah blah. How to achieve the just-shaved look? -- Carefully with this method. 8-)
I've never hear of this being done intentionally before. Kudos to you sir! Most unique hair method I've hear yet. Don't let the naysayers get you down. You have a good mind. Of course it wouldn't hurt to have a good fire extinguisher as well. And run a bath before .. just in case.
High Five! why does everyone have to act like what we already do and already have spent so many countless hours perfecting is the best way! innovation my friend and if you want to burn your hair off your face instead of shaving like all these followers.. Please let the world know that this whole disposable razor scam has drawn to an end!
That being said, if your miles from anywhere, you probably couldn't care less about being rough-shaven or even pretty bearded! lol
(removed by author or community request)
Tetranitrate (author)  slimguy3796 years ago
Heeeyyyy ya bachagaloop I'm Italian too, you no see me make-a-da pizza pie. Don't feel bad for me not being able to grow a beard. The little bit of shaving I do already is damn annoying, and there is nothing facial hair can do that a good fake id can't. I actually consider myself lucky.
at least your a good sport about be being a bit of a jerk! we need more people on this site like you! also I said this was useless because it doesn't seem as though this would be one of your tutorials (all your other tutorials are pretty cool!!!)
Considering instructables just held a whole contest on paper airplanes, I fail to see under what definition this could be considered "useless" or a "bizarre waste of time and server space". Personally, I think this is a really interesting idea, as usually very well documented, and with a good dose of humor. You may also notice that this instructable was featured by canida, who is one of the big chiefs here. And if she hadn't, I'm sure someone else would have. You may not think much of this, but clearly Instructables disagrees with you. If it wasn't your cup of tea - well, nobody is forcing you to read it, right?
So you're saying that the benefit this instructable gives is...what again? At least paper airplanes help teach you the importance of simple aerodynamic theory, thrust, lift, drag, center of gravity etc. This reminds me of "Jackass" and only serves to eliminate common sense, of which Tetranite has none if this is his current state.
dont be mean i love his ,ibles
Love em all you want. I'm not being mean. I'm pointing out a reality of the instructable. Blatantly dangerous and self-damaging activities are traditionally in contradiction to the original purpose and intent of this website. I love Tetra's instructables also, but his self-destructive and "invincible" mindset are leading his "ibles" down a different path than earlier on, and I'd rather see him alive. I don't think any parent wants to hear of their kid trying to "shave with a lighter." Anyone with common sense will call that one a no brainer. As for the "Jackass" comment, I rather think it was appropriate and Tetra probably took it as a compliment to be compared to such connoisseurs.
Just wondering how shaving with a lighter is more dangerous than taking a sharp piece of steel to one's face, usually with multiple blades in the case of modern razors. At least with a flame you can feel if you're doing something wrong -- most razors can gouge a good chunk out before you realize there is anything wrong.
that wasn't my point my point was the shaving with a lighter isn't really that dangerous(unless you put your hair on fire and then stick the lighter in the fire) and "mean" was a bad word choice extreme would have better suited my meaning.
Jackass is dumb and irrisponsable
what are you talking about,?? paper air plains??
paper - aeroplanes AKA paper airplanes look at he pic :)
Patrik =SMART=6 years ago
Yep - here's the contest, for your edification.

Instructables - it's not a waste of time, it's a lifestyle! :-D
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