video Fireball V90 CNC Router Assembly

The Fireball V90 CNC Router is a CNC machine that comes in kit form requiring assembly. Currently the Fireball V90 is one of the cheapest CNC machines on the market and is a great way to get your feet wet with CNC machining. I spent considerable time researching entry level machines prior to making the plunge with this model.

Have a look at the full steps that were needed to put the machine together.
LumaTec4 years ago
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vincent75204 years ago
the use of a towel as a non slippery surface is a simple thing to be remembered, especially when you deal with parts that can only be found with the kit you are mounting.
I kno from= experience… ;)
what is that music? i must know!
abbtech (author)  chubflounder6 years ago