Fix Headphone Broken Cable at Speaker End (No/low Sound From One Side)





Introduction: Fix Headphone Broken Cable at Speaker End (No/low Sound From One Side)

Hey guys i just fixed my headphone witch i thought was forever lost and wanted to share what i did.

The problem i had was that i was getting lower sound from the right speaker, almost minimal.

The cause: The wire got cut in the entrance of the speakers

Solution: Dispose cable section and resolder

Check for guarantee first before breaking it even more!. Im just a simple amateur,  did it because the headphones where cheap and if i broke them it wasnt such a loss.

Youl need a Soldering iron and Electric tape

Step 1: Finding the Problem

Ok First we are going to see if we can locate the location of the problem. So that if the problem is in the jack or other place we dont start cutting things unnecessarily.

Plug the headphones and put them in your ears and start wiggling the cable in the red circled areas to see if you can locate where the cable is loose. The volume should go up or down suddenly when you hit the spot

Sometimes you wont find nothing.

Step 2: Opening

Ok so assuming we are certain the problem is in the entrance to the speaker. Find the most gentle way to open it up. Exposing the other side of where the cables entered, and where they connect to to speaker.

Before continuing check if the connections to the speaker are not loose, if they are, solder them back in place and test if it works.

Step 3: Disconnecting

First take a good look at how everything is inside here, so that later you can reproduce it

Note that many headphones have got a knot in their cables just when they exit the "speaker entrance" we are going to have to do that later so that by pulling the cable we dont yank the connections again.

Also remember wich color goes into wich side.

Separe the cables from the speaker using the soldering iron or simply by pulling.

Step 4: Remove Cable From Speaker

You might have to cut it because of something restraining the cable such as a knot or other.

Step 5: Cuting & Peel

Cut the cable so that we are sure to remove the broken segment and peel the amount you saw peeled in the original cable

Step 6: The Knot

Introduce the fresh cable trough the entrance to the speaker and make a tiny knot (if there is room for one) on the other side

This is very important to keep it from breaking again

Step 7: Soldering

Before soldering test just pressing them on the contacts while the headphones are plugged. If sound comes out then proceed with the soldering. If no sound comes, maybe you are using cable that is broken somewhere else, or the problem is not in the headphones. still you should solder them back.

Solder the cables carefully and gently, try not to melt anything in the speaker in the process, they are delicate, so try to touch them as little as possible with the soldering iron.

Remember wich color goes on wich side!

Step 8: Preventing It Doesnt Happen Again

Use electric tape on all fragile points to prevent it from happening again.



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    Nice fix .... but you left one out!

    Ear wax plugs..... like in my case :)

    I have inear-bud Beats headset which had extremely low volume from right side. Did all above mentioned checks with no use.

    I noticed though that the defective speaker sounds stronger when I put the other solid end against my ear which meant only one thing.... the grill was bunged up.

    First I used some antiseptic alcohol and an old tooth brush to give its some gentle pokes through the grill, guess what the sound improved but still less than other side!

    So I removed the grill carefully to find a 1-2 mm wax layer beneath grill. Now the sound was way better than other "fine" side, so I took it that off as well to find the same.

    Hope this helps!

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    your solution fixed my problem too :) thank you

    Glad this helped someone save some $$

    Excellent solution, AlSharif_ ! Thanks a lot for taking time to post this.

    You saved me a lot of frustration!

    Yeh, know how frustrating it can be specially if expensive headphones.... u'r welcome!

    Why electric tape, why not normal tape ?


    wouldn't be nice to put some images up of how its done? As in with knife and solder and stuff?