Many new PC cases have temperature sensors in them, allowing gamers, overclockers and enthusiast to monitor the temperature of their computer. However these sensors tend to break! But fear not, because I am going to teach YOU how to fix them! :)

I have a NZXT Hades case. It has a very cool display on the front which shows the temperatures of different parts of the insides of the computer. Very handy if you are overclocking your computer or just want to make sure that it is cooled properly. I was happy with the case until 2 of the thermal propes (temperature sensors) broke. Fortunately, these kinds of thermal probes are very easy to fix. I will show you how :) Even though this instructable shows how to replace thermal probes in the NZXT Hades, it should be the same in many other PC cases. So if your PC case has some broken temperature sensors but is not a NZXT hades, you might still be able to follow these steps to fix it.

Disclaimer: I cannot take any responsibility if you cause damage to your computer, yourself or anybody around you. By following this instructable you agree that your actions are your responsibility and yours only.

Step 1: What Is a Thermal Probe and How Can I Make One?

A thermal probe is a small device which can return data about the temperature. The thermal probes in the NZXT Hades case are very simple, so if one breaks it is easy to make your own.

Make my own?! How can I do that?
It is actually very simple. Thermal probes in the NZXT cases (and in many other PC cases) is made up of only one component: a thermistor

So what's a thermistor you ask? A thermistor is a very simple electrical component. It is a resistor which changes resistance based on the temperature.

Get some thermistors
First you will have to figure out what kind of thermistors your case uses. After some googling around I managed to figure out that the NZXT Hades uses 10kOhm NTC Thermistors. These thermistors seems very common in pc temperature sensing. If your case is not the same it might use some different thermistors, you will just have to do some research to figure out what thermistors it uses. After figuring out what kind of thermistors your case uses you will have to buy some of those (1 thermistor per broken thermal probe).

I bought my 10K thermistors from Sparkfun. They can be found here: http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=250

I have an NZXT case.<br /> They make nice cases too...<br /> But mine never worked from the start. I don't really care though. The power button and fans work.... haha.<br /> It didn't come with a case speaker though......
Which case do you have?&nbsp;:)<br /> And what didn't work from the start?&nbsp;:(<br />
hi, i want to make my own temperature system, but i dont get how. could you show me some pics of the temperature snsor mainboard?<br /> this'll be good to know for the future though!
Hi and thanks for your comment :)<br /> I am afraid I cannot show you the board of the display and sensor, as it is integrated into the front of the case :(<br /> I don't know what you need this temperature system for, but I would recommend using an Atmega microcontroller (on an arduino maybe?) for reading the values off the thermistors. <br /> If you tell me more about the system you are building I will be happy to help :)<br /> (You can send me a PM if it is not related to this instructable)<br />

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