Fix Your Peeling Flip Flops or Shoes





Introduction: Fix Your Peeling Flip Flops or Shoes

The other day my wife was complaining about her favorite pair of flip flops started to peel apart. So i decided to fix them for her and half way through i thought it would make a great instructable. This pair of flip flops were starting to peel all around the edges, I had already fixed a few spots before taking pictures.

After a while shoes tend to start to fall apart. Many times its parts that are not stitched but glued. Well its not that hard to fix.

Step 1: Things You Need

Things you need

-shoes/flip-flops that are peeling or separating.
- Contact cement
- q-tips (or cheap small paintbrush)

Step 2: Preperation

The first thing to do is to clean the surface well with a damp rag or paper towel then let dry.

Once the surface is clean use the q-tip to spread the contact cement on one surface, when you are done spreading the glue squeeze the the two surfaces together to spread the glue evenly, try not to put too much glue or it will ooze out.

Only hold it together for a few seconds then pull apart and let dry.

Or you can spread the glue on each side and let dry.

Step 3: Final Step

Once the glue is dry on both sides carefully push the two sides together because you will not be able to pull it apart once the glue touches.

Using this glue is easy and doesnt ooze out or discolor.



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As a professional cobbler I can tell you to use flexibile cement such as Barge. Crazy glues, super glues, contact cement harden when dry. Then they become brittle. Shoe Goo is messy and clear has a long drying time. It's hard to remove from your fingers also. Pick a flexibile rubber cement. Brand name isn't important. Remember though that a lot of footwear is made of man made materials and is non-porous. You need special vinyl cement such as is used to patch vinyl pool liners.

Thanks, I've been wondering what sort of glue to use when those shoe inserts work their way out of the shoe and start sliding around inside them - maddening.

ik! so very bad for ur feet me blisters.

Shoe Goop! I've never had any luck with Contact Cement.

Hmmm. I reckon this shows the way to do it correctly. Simple but didactic. 'on Ya!

yeah it does makes a huge difference when you use this kind of glue correctly. Most people don't read the directions and just use it like regular glue.

it should just be one step "glue it"


This is a great instructable, why don't you post it a second time under the title 'Using contact adhesive correctly'. I spent my entire childhood using contact adhesive like any other glue until my first job when I was shown how to use it properly!