Introduction: Fixing a Broken Engine Electrical Connector.

Picture of Fixing a Broken Engine Electrical Connector.

For the record, I detest the quality of Hyundai connectors within their engine bays. They are simply are not made to last long and Crack easily. This particular transmission connector broke like many others in this Hyundai trajet.

Due to its loose fit, the transmission refuses to get into the correct gear. Time to fix this mess.

Step 1: Prep the Connector.

Picture of Prep the Connector.

Using a paper towel soaked in Rubbing alcohol, I disconnected the connector and cleaned it's surfaces.

Step 2: Using Adhesive.

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A dab of silicone adhesive on my flat blade screwdriver is enough to coat the plastic surfaces on the connector.

I paid attention not to get silicone on the internal metal conductive parts.

Step 3: Putting It Together.

Picture of Putting It Together.

Slotting the connector back in, I put silicone on the wires for good measure. Job done and vehicle riding happy.


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