Introduction: Fixing My Bedside Lamp

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Hola! My name is Ruben Orta and I am going to show you how I fixed my lamp during the Sugru Build Night that we host at MakeSpace Madrid some weeks ago. I enjoyed very much It was like come back to school and play again with my play-dough.

Step 1: Setup

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First of all we need to extend the sugru like a thin spaghetti. 

Step 2: Surround the Broken Piece

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The idea is to surround the piece where the bulb cap in inserted. 

Step 3: Pasting the Sugru

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The small base will help to paste everything. Now put again the piece with the sugru above the three legs of our lamp.

Step 4: Pasting Everything

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Now we take three pieces of sugru and wrap the legs with the fixed base. 

Step 5: That's All!

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The last step is to mold the blue plastic to reinforce the piece. And here we are! The bedside lamp is fixed.


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