Introduction: Fixing Samsung Galaxy Tab Broken Cable Charger

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    i create this fixing guideline because i've been confuse when my cable charger was broken and i cant find any instruction on search engine about fixing this stuff.
    Cable for Samsung Galaxy Tab is similar with my actually gadget, Galaxy note 10.1 [GT-N8000].

OK .... lets start it

Step 1: What You Need

1. broken cable it self
2. cutter
3. tweezers
4. solder set

last touch misc [i use]
1. tape
2. ethyl cyanoacrylate [liquid glue]
3. tissue or fabric

Step 2: Cut the Vessel

Picture of Cut the Vessel

Step 3: Connect the Unconnected

Picture of Connect the Unconnected

    watch carefully for unconnect cable ...

    find it and soldering this on to this rite place :)
    in my stuff ... the rite place is the tin point are not have any wire go to front ... only tin spot ... look my sketch for info side by side cable

    use only hot tip soldering tools for open the wire ... [ 1st i use razor and unlucky to cut them off .. lol ]

    check this 1st before you assemble all opened pieces together

    i have two charger and both was end with this same problem ... unconnect green wire
is this some of samsung failed charger product?

Step 4: Test That

Picture of Test That

    before plug in cable charger to your device ... look on your battery percentation ... remember it ... plug your charger in and wait till view minutes. if everything correct, the battery percentation would rise.

    MAKE SURE its truly fixed !!!

    if after more than three minutes and battery percentation doesnt goes up ... re check your work and find something not connected well .... and fix it

    to make sure everything was back to normal ... let this repaired cable make your device fully charge.


ok ... lets do final step

Step 5: Finishing Touch

Picture of Finishing Touch

    until all have done and runing normal ... do this step to make our repaired cable tough enough for our daily use

    after all part was assembled .... use your tape to covered all this stuff surface to avoid of glue damaging important parts if one time you need to repairing again.

    basicly ... depend on what material you want to use to covering this stuff
[ e.g epoxy, resin, palstic, putty, product package, etc ]

    i choose ethyl cyanoacrylate and combine it with cut off fabric .... put lill bit glue to stick fabric before we can covering this area .... until it covered by fabric .... drop liquid glue on it .... only to make fabric wet and stick to charger

    do it layer by layeruntil you feel enough .... and let it dry and being hard

    and all done

thanx for looking

and perhaps this is usefull for you :)


batmat made it! (author)2017-02-05

I'll like de add my images this usb to P1000. The position with conection to down and wire colors in position correct.

NavaneethM2 (author)2016-11-26

i am not able to differentiate with top and bottom of the connector (charger)

claudiopolis made it! (author)2016-11-04

Hi. I just finished something similar, my cord was very slow at charging. I thought it was the various non-Samsung chargers I tried, none of them charged with more than 500 mA. Turns out it was the cord. And a bit of extra soldering.

I took the original 30-pin connector out of the original cable, in a manner similar to yours. Then I took the thickest USB cable I found, 24 AWG I think and soldered the connector at one end, where the original MiniUSB end was before (I cut it out). A bit of hot glue made things sturdy prior to closing the connector's cap.

Now this new wire would work perfectly with the original charger and allow high-current charging. Anyone having the original charger can stop here. But I have no such charger.

To get rid of the need for the original Samsung charger, I googled and found the following scheme depicting the Samsung's way of signaling a 2Amps charger.

I then replicated it with two resistors and a short and thick USB extension. The end result is shown in the second photo, inside the rectangular casing are the resistors and the cable ends.

The result is much better than the original. In excess of 1000mA charging rate. And any USB charger will do.

CheW2 (author)2016-04-19

my galaxy tab 2 , 7.0 . 8g. Its modle gtp 3113. Charge cord lasted for 2 ys. Then I had to wiggle it so Now I go to best buy.. and pay 25 30 dollar's for just the cord... no wall plug! Also.... duracell has a ultimate universal charger. ?... the pack says fir samsung , droid ,I phone, apple, and many I buy it....8 dollars. why not..ya know......and.... nope.. it wont fit anyway I try . every way. ? M ......realy #samsung #bestbuy what is the difficulty? Or am I the only person who still has a galaxy tab 2? Willing to pay 30 $for a cord cus thats where my music and vids ar buy needs rehab. They're money junkies not geek help.

OrionH3 (author)2016-02-19

Now I am thinking that your post will be more attentive for me as all these information will definitely help me to use Samsung Galaxy tab in a proper way. Apart from that I have a Samsung galaxy phone and I have using a Samsung Galaxy Charger that ordered from an online store as Mobansp. Thanks for sharing such information over Fixing samsung galaxy tab broken cable charger.

jwilliams154 (author)2015-09-23

Is there a way to make a charger that will work with the Galaxy Tab 2 with a generic iPhone Charging cable?

tinp (author)2015-08-06

What an obnoxious quality blunder by Samsung!
Thanks a lot for the info! I was worried that the port on the tablet had gone south on me... instead I have now confirmed that my cable actually failed (thank god) thanks to your guide!

ymgagnon (author)2015-07-03

Yeah! Now that they're getting more difficult to find, I've managed to kick it a little further down the road. Thanks!

MeowM (author)2014-11-11

my dad and me did the exact same thing last year to fix my charger. I can't believe this is actually the problem to all the glitches my tablet got when i was charging, guess ill do the same thing today! this deserves more views

cAksono (author)MeowM2015-01-20

who ever need to fix this problem .. they can see this page from google

glade to help ^_^

hangdog242 (author)2014-07-12

This helped me out so much. Thank you very much.

cAksono (author)hangdog2422015-01-20

your welcome ... glade to help others ^_^

MandalorianMaker (author)2013-12-22

sadly it isn't my dog chewed mine into 20 pieces

cAksono (author)MandalorianMaker2015-01-20

sorry to knew that ... nothing can do except to buy new one :D

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