Folded Book Art - Best & most clear Tutorial available

Picture of Folded Book Art - Best & most clear Tutorial available

I just absolutely love creating my own folded book art. It's such a fun way of re-using old books and give them another purpose.

I've searched and searched the web to find any tutorials on how to do it and i just couldn't find anything. Untill one day i found a website called foldedbookart.com which offers already made and custom patterns.

On of the patterns they used to have was this little heart sign. For me this was a real good way to get started as it's quite a quick pattern to do and the result still looks great.

In the next steps i'll explain to you how to fold this heart into a book. (I used a picture from their website for the front image)

Completing this tutorial can be done within 45 minutes.

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Step 1: Collecting the materials needed

For us to be able to create folded book art we need a few things:

- We need a book. It's best to use a hardcovered book, as these books will give the best results when displaying them.
- We need a ruler in centimeters, as these patterns are displayed in centimeters
- And ofcourse we need a pencil to mark the pages.

Step 2: Marking the pages

Picture of Marking the pages

For this heart pattern we need to mark and fold only 40 sheets of paper.

The patter i use is in centimeters, so please get a ruler that displays centimeters.

Now pick up the book like normal when you would read it (Like in the first image of this step)

Now turn the book a quarter, so your hand ends up on the right of the book and the page numbers (in this case) end up in the right upper corner. Like in the second image.

The book is now positioned right. It has to stay in this position during the process of marking the folds.

Now place your ruler on the book like in the third image. Make sure the beginning of the ruler is on the left side of the book.

The first two values you need to mark according to the pattern are: 7.7 centimeters and 8.9 centimeters. So place two marks on those two values. If done right, you now have marked the first page and there's a gap of 1.2 centimeters between the marks. It looks similar to the fourth image.

Now go to the next page (the second page). Here you mark the following values: 7.1 centimeter and 9.6 centimeter

On the third page you mark the following values: 6.8 centimeters and 10.1 centimeters.

Page 4 values: 6.6 & 10.5

Page 5: 6.4 & 10.9

Page 6: 6.3 & 11.2

Page 7: 6.2 & 11.6

Page 8: 6.1 & 11.8

Page 9: 6.0 & 12.1

Page 10: 6.0 & 12.4

Page 11: 6.0 & 12.6

Page 12: 6.0 & 12.8

Page 13: 6.0 & 13.1

Page 14: 6.1 & 13.3

Page 15: 6.1 & 13.5

Page 16: 6.3 & 13.7

Page 17: 6.4 & 14.0

Page 18: 6.6 & 14.2

Page 19: 6.8 & 14.4

Page 20: 7.1 & 14.6

Page 21: 7.1 & 14.6

Page 22: 6.8 & 14.4

Page 23: 6.6 & 14.2

Page 24: 6.4 & 14.0

Page 25: 6.2 & 13.7

Page 26: 6.1 & 13.5

Page 27: 6.1 & 13.3

Page 28: 6.0 & 13.1

Page 29: 6.0 & 12.8

Page 30: 6.0 & 12.6

Page 31: 6.0 & 12.4

Page 32: 6.0 & 12.1

Page 33: 6.1 & 11.8

Page 34: 6.2 & 11.6

Page 35: 6.3 & 11.2

Page 36: 6.4 & 10.9

Page 37: 6.6 & 10.5

Page 38: 6.8 & 10.1

Page 39: 7.2 & 9.6

Page 40: 7.7 & 8.9

Step 3: Folding the pages

Picture of Folding the pages

After you marked all the pages you can start folding.

Place the book in front of you like in the first image of this step.

Then fold each page twice on the marks you made in the previous step, like you can see in the second and third image. Try to keep the folds at 90 degrees or as close to it as possible.

Repeat these steps untill you have folded all the marked pages.

The fourth, fifth and sixt image let you see how the book should look like once you folded some pages.

When finished folding, you're done! You've created your own folded book art now. Now go ahead and look for more patterns, as all of their patterns work in the same way.

ShellieB made it!17 days ago

Hi, love this pattern and so easy to do, I tend to fold 2 pages at once for each fold which produces a 'chunkier' heart shape, this is one I have made for a friends birthday and has just taken me less than an hour to complete, I have finished it off with a strip of ribbon top and bottom,embellishments and an artificial flower which is easily tucked into the gap at the spine....Happy Folding! xx

NikkiB3 made it!2 months ago
Hi i made my first one last night ? does anyone know if i can share this with a group of friends to do together? Not sure on the whole copyright thing? Thank you
SusanS102 months ago

Hi, my partner is really into this and has done some great books using a full family alphabet font pattern purchased from etsy. It includes all letters in the alphabet in upper and lower case. This was great for her to get started but she is now bored of the font that this pattern uses. She now wants to experiment with other fonts. Do you know how we can create our own system using any font we want. I have photoshop. I have seen how I can create lines on each letter but this isn't the way the pattern purchased from etsy works. The etsy pattern gives measurements for each letter and this is what my partners preferred method of doing this is. It comes out neater than sliding a piece of paper in and out between each page and marking it.

Any help appreciated, Thanks, Karlos

PS if anyone else has tried both methods of folding (measure with ruler, mark and fold vs sliding a template of a word in and out of every page and marking then folding) please let me know your own opinion on the 2.

The picture below was her first ever attempt :)


This is GREAT! Can you please tell me what book you bought for the instructions and fonts. I want to do this for some family members!!!

x.Girlie.x made it!3 months ago

my first ever attempt at gone midnight, and the only book i could lay my hands on was a bread making recipe book....lol but it done the trick :)

skrieger33 months ago

love book folding so relaxing

mandy.h.gill3 months ago

gave it a go, very easy, want to do more, love it x

vallie77 3 months ago
:( what have I done wrong?
janraw made it!4 months ago

i made 2 , loved doing them , wish there were more free patterns

aemergin janraw4 months ago

Those are lovely.! I found a link to some free patterns here


cazselling.page.315 made it!4 months ago

Thank you so much for this, I have been trying to start for ages but had no idea where to! This is my first ever attempt at any form of book art and I love it! Room for improvement but im sure that will come with experience! Thanks again x


Hi I cant wait to try this it will be my first ever and tomo I will be off raiding charity shops for hardbacks! for this design what is the best sized book?(roughly how many pages) thanks for making such a great tutorial!

I made this heart already and I will share what I did with it, just as soon as I can get a couple of problems I'm having with a different pattern. My problem comes from the numbers I was given for this one book folding art. It's my daughters middle name and the values that are given of course is cm. ( I suck at math just to be honest) but I understand when the value might read for an example: 12.5 I know to look at the ruler on the cm side and see the 12 then count 5 little dashes in between the 12 and 13. okay got that... but what if it reads 7.75 or 0.60??? Now I might of thought that the 7.75 was reading 7 and 7 more mm( 7 more marks between the 7 & 8)But the 5 is throwing me.. I know there isn't 75 dashes between those two numbers. I was never taught to use the metric system here in the states as much as over seas. So can someone please explain to me how to read this, because my book is looking all messed up. Thanks for anyone who might have an easy answer to this, oh..... soooo confusing problem??? I would be so grateful for anyone who might want to try to explain to this not so smart in the mathematic department. but I am the teachable kind. lol

Hi specialeddterri

There's nothing special to reading a metric ruler, just treat the numbers like regular numbers.

So, in your example, you gave 0.60 cm , which if you treat like a normal number can also be written as 0.6, so 6 millimeters.

Again, 7.75cm if treated like a normal number is Seven and Three Quarters, so that would be between the 7th and the 8th millimeter mark of the 7th Centimeter (Or three quarters of the way between the 7cm and the 8cm on your ruler).

I have never stopped to think that someone used to using the imperial system would find measuring in metric hard! But now I am explaining it to you, I can see where the confusion lies!

In fairness, the problem here is that all of the instructions should really be in millimeters to avoid this, but hey, what are you gonna do?

Hope that helps!

can anyone tell me does it have to be a certain size book, or can i just pick a hardback book from my bookshelf to use ?

KatherineR7 months ago

This was so great and easy! Thank you! I have been looking for an easy tutorial like this. Great job!

mmoon48 months ago
Just made it, Thank you so much..
mmoon48 months ago
I can't wait to try this :-D

absolutely amazing. was so easy to follow. thank you so much!

do you have any more tutorials ?x

clford28 months ago

Fabulous, thank you for having such an easy to follow tutorial. I've never found something as easy to do before and this and others will make wonderful gifts. Thank you, thank you, thank you xxx

cwickham18 months ago

Just made this so awesome, but i need help. My daughters want me to make them one, but with one saying R5 and the other 5S0S.. can anyone help me with this. I am willing to pay. I would like it how this heart was done as in mark.3.4 and so one i don't want to go by a word typed out. thank u in advance

Magistro (author)  cwickham18 months ago

Their website also offers custom patterns with the marking method (www.foldedbookart.com)

cool thank you.. Maybe u can answer one question for me I am working on a pattern and its in cm but i have no clue how to get what they are asking here is a example 12.50cm and then 14.08 do u have any ideas

Magistro (author)  cwickham18 months ago

I have tried their patterns and they work in the same way as in the tutorial I wrote. So 12.50 cm should mean 12 centimeters and 5 millimeters.

mfreeman179 months ago

sounds silly but do u devide the book in to half ?

Hi!First i split in to half, then i added more 20 pages to the front and 20 back to make 40 pages.for example, if the medium is on the page 150.i started doing the heart on page 130 to finish at 170 .

I hope this helps.

66bat6. made it!9 months ago

Hello!Thank you so much for this tutorial!I made this painted version.


hi im confused on the values could you help me? what does it mean the values of 6.6 centimeters etc?

Hi,in the first page you have to mark 7.7cm and 8.9cm.I made this image to help you.and following the next values on the next pages.finished you can start folding like in the images.I hope ithis helps!

jen.hughes.31510 months ago

fabulous so easy thank you xx

angie7011 months ago

Wow, was so easy, my only mistake was i used an autobiography to the pictures wouldnt fold properly, well happy gonna get adicted lol, Brill instructions Thankyou :)

just need some finishing touches :)
thank you, so easy to follow your instructions.

kcotterill-bolsover made it!1 year ago

I can not believe how easy this was to do - I am now scouring the house for hard back books and looking for more complicated patterns. Thank you so much. x

DSC_0033 (2).JPG
teeped1 year ago
thank you for the patten, I've tried this before with out one and it didn't turn out so great but with your patten I've now got a great gift for the girl friend on valentine's day! thanks again.
dan_w841 year ago

Thanks, I have just made one for my wife for valentines day, she loves this kind of thing!! I had a slightly thicker book so ended up folding 2 pages for every one noted here to make it slightly thicker and it turned out great.

TOO good..... - The Pencil Guy