Fondant Snowflake Christmas Tree





Introduction: Fondant Snowflake Christmas Tree

Using a snowflake plunger cutter

Step 1: You Will Need

  • White fondant
  • A tiny fondant star
  • Glitter spray
  • Set of snowflake cutters in three sizes
  • Icing sugar / Fondant icing sugar

Note: Add a dab of thick, piped fondant icing to each star before adding the next one

Step 2: Cut Out Your Snowflakes

  • 3No Large
  • 3No Medium
  • 3No Small

Allow to dry a little so they become easier to handle

Step 3: Stack Your Snowflakes

Starting at the bottom and with the largest snowflake, place a dab of piped fondant then stack each snowflake on top of each other in size order.

At the end of the stacking part of my project, I dropped my work, so it doesn't look as good as I had hoped

Step 4: Add Your Small Star and Sprinkle With Some Festive Magic

Using a dab of icing as previous, add a small fondant star to the top.

As i dropped my original tree mid-project, I made another to add here. The new tree is decorated with tiny silver edible ball decorations. You can also use a fondant to make a tinsel-type addition.

I've left the original images in here to show that, well, nobody is perfect, we all make mistakes

Step 5: Add to Cake or Cupcake

Step 6: Update: My Cupcakes



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