Four Hour Kayak!





Introduction: Four Hour Kayak!

You can build a kayak of green willow shoots, a blue tarp, some wire and Grip Clips in just four hours!

Step 1: The Amount of Willow Used to Make the Kayak.

amount of willow used. You can use any flexible saplings or branches.

Step 2: Some of the Willow Is Twisted Into Ribs. Some Into Stringers.

Some of the willow is twisted into ribs. Some into stringers. The largest two ribs are 16" by 27".The stringers are overlapped 2' 3" (this makes the stringers stronger in the middle where they need it the most.

Step 3: You Can Tie the Willow Together But It Is Faster to Use Wire and a Visegrip.

Use galvinized wire about 1/16' and bend it into this shape:

Step 4: And Use a Vise Grip to Twist Them:

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Step 5: Ribs Joined to Stringers

Here you can see ribs joined to the side stringers. Note cords on the two mid-stringers making the bottom of the boat flat. If not flat, the boat tips over too easily.

Step 6: Completed Frame.

Completed frame. Length is 11.5'. Stringers are about 15' long and overlap the two center ribs. The center ribs are 27" wide and 16" deep. The next out from the center ribs are 19" by 14". The smallest ribs are 13" circles. Spacing of the ribs is 17", 17", 24", 24", 17", 17".

Step 7: A Blue Tarp, 12' by 9', Was Used to Cover the Frame.

A blue tarp, 12' by 9', was used to cover the frame. The tarp was gathered along the top of the boat and fastened together with six Grip Clips:

Step 8: The Boat Turned Out Great! It Handles Well in the Water,

The boat turned out great! It handles well in the water and is good looking. Total cost about $40; includes tarp, Grip Clips and binding materials.

Step 9: Only 22 Lbs!!

Kayak is for flat water only. In fast water boat could collapses on you and pin you in. Always wear a life jacket.

Step 10: This Boat Is Intended for Flat Water Use and Not for Use in White Water.

If the tarp is pinched between rocks and the boat's frame, it can be punctured. Two tarps layered or a nylon-reinforced tarp is stronger. However, since the blue tarp is easy to obtain and can be repaired with duct tape or with a patch of tarp material and silicon rubber as a glue, the blue tarp kayak makes a lot of sense for most conditions. Wear a life jacket at all time. Flotation devices such as inner tubes should be added inside both ends of the boat for additional safety. To make a stronger boat you can cover the frame with heavy coated nylon or vinyl. You can also make the frame of thicker wood. silicone rubber can be used to seal the gathering at the stern and bow by applying a generous amount between the layers before securing (this is not necessary unless you plan for the seam to be under water). This boat is intended for flat water use and not for use in white water. One reason for this is if the boat was crushed against a rock, the frame could collapse or brake pinning you in the boat and preventing you from swimming to safety and possibly drowning you.



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    Great little project for a dad and youngster. You could use larger zap straps instead of wire and also put some branch strips for a seat or bring a small piece of plywood so it's more stable to sit in. don't forget the duct/gorilla tape.

    So great... I would like to follow you... By the way, I am in Korea and have difficulty in getting tarp or similar material. Could you please let me know the maker of the tarp or homepage of the tarp? Then I can find out similar material. ....

    This is awesome!!!!! I give it five stars.

    I like it. Good job. If you use the material that river rafts are made of you could have a tougher (although more expensive) craft. I once made a raft from tarps, an inflatable bed and tubes, 700+ lbs of people went on it down a river for 10 miles. It survived intact but the tarp ended up leaking since we caught a rock. If I make one again it will be from something tougher so I can hit more rapids. :)

    The pictures wouldn't come up on my computer. Just got an Internet Explorer error message. It reminds me of a project in Boys Life many millenium ago.

    I have Mozilla Firefox so I didn't have a problem.

    i wish boys life did something adventurous like that nowadays....

    I have that problem too on steps 5 6 7 8 9 and 10

    Do you think it'd be plausible to use 3 plastic drop cloths you'd use for painting?

    You can buy them in a pack for 5 dollars at home depot, and tarps are a bit more on the expensive side