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I love grip-clips !
Have you got anyone selling them in the UK yet ?
I'm burning through my first 100.

ewilhelm7 years ago
I know you've been around for a while, but I realized I never said hello. Thanks for sharing your awesome projects, and welcome to Instructables! Let me know if you have any questions.
Matin (author)  ewilhelm6 years ago
Thanks ewilhelm for the encuragemant. Great site; except: For some reason many pages and images are now missing from some of my projects. I am reluctant to add more projects for fear that they too will become corrupted. I get viewers like: the images seem to be broken? from LuisWalker20 hours ago. Thanks for any help. Matin
ewilhelm Matin6 years ago
We've got a jpg vs. jpeg image issue that still needs to be solved. We still have all the original images (we just fixed the intro image by hand) and will get a script to go through a fix everything. Sorry for the frustration!
Matin (author)  ewilhelm6 years ago
Thanks! Ewilhelm Seems this issue is in 4 or so of my projects. Odd that some of the images got knocked out while others seem fine. I thought pages were missing too but it seems it is just the images. Thanks for the fix. I figured it would fix itself but its been months so I though I would ask again about it. I am a believer in your site. Matin
ewilhelm Matin6 years ago
Sorry it's taken so long for us to act. We found this bug, thought it only affected a small number of images, and got distracted by bigger problems. We only just realized it nailed most of your awesome projects.
Matin (author)  ewilhelm6 years ago
Is there a way I can go in there and change the jpeg s to jpg ?
ewilhelm Matin6 years ago
If you upload new images without the jpeg extension, that would do it. Rachel is on vacation, but she was planning on running script to make the change across all the broken images.
Matin (author)  ewilhelm6 years ago
Thanks, I will wait, Thanks.
ewilhelm Matin6 years ago
Everything should be fixed!!!
Matin (author)  ewilhelm6 years ago
That's Super!! Thanks so much.
Matin (author)  ewilhelm6 years ago
Hi Eric Checking in to see progress on image problem. If I uploaded the same image with the same name less the "e" would that work?
ewilhelm Matin6 years ago
Yes, that should fix it. Rachel is back next week, and will be working on this then.
Matin (author)  ewilhelm6 years ago
Hi Eric Thanks for: Your Instructable "One Hour Trash Can Fish Pond" was just featured by one of our editors! -Eric I have put up this and a Wallet knife. But true be, I am writing to bother you/Rachel about the jpeg -> jpg image problems with my older instrtables. Thanks for your work and her help ... Love your site
ewilhelm Matin6 years ago
Don't worry. We haven't forgotten. We're under a little bit a flood right now...

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