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In this instructable I will teach you how to suck energy from this planet called earth, even I don't know exactly how it works, but it works, can't argue with results!

Sorry, no video will be added, where I live it's been snowing and it's producing terrible results. Right before it started snowing it produced a thrid of a volt in a couple of hours, now that it's snowing and that it's officially winter it's only charging up to 0.03 volts, which is terrible. If you know how to solve this problem then please comment!


Step 1: The Theory

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This was invented by the ultimate genius of all time, Nikola Tesla. I'll basically try and crack it down to how I understand it, and how a normal person would understand it (mind you this is how I interpret many difference sources, what I'm saying may not be right)

The earth and it's atmosphere is basically a giant capacitor, when lightning strikes it discharges it. Tesla's device sucked power from that infinitely charging capacitor to charge a man made capacitor. By putting an electrode in the air and an electrode in the ground, you tap into these energy source to charge your own capacitor.

Step 2: The Materials

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What you need is:

Aluminum Foil

Glue (not shown)


An Electrolytic capacitor

alligator clips

A multimeter

Step 3: Clarification

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This instructable is a proof of concept. If you would like to line the roof of your house with this stuff then you should be smart enough to do it if you're going to attempt it. This has some advantages and disadvantages over solar cells:

Easier to Make
Doesn't require sun
It won't really break

Doesn't produce as much electricity for the same size "cells"

Step 4: Tape

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Tape the foil strip to the big piece of aluminum foil so that it acts as a lead, make sure the aluminum foils are touching.

Step 5: Glueing

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Glue a piece of aluminum foil to the piece of paper. I'm not sure why this is necessary, but Tesla said so. Tesla said to insulate 1 side, so I insulated it with paper.

Step 6: Clip It

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Clip an alligator clip to the aluminum foil and attach the other end to the positive side of your capacitor. Clip the other alligator clip to a ground such as the third prong on a wall socket or a metal water pipe (make sure it's all metal, not plastic).

Step 7: You're Done!?!

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It may not look like much, but you just created a device that will obtain you free electricity! During my experiment using a 560uF capacitor it took about an hour to get to .08 volts. Not bad considering the size of the panel and how low it is. Later I got after several hours 1/3 of a volt, exciting!

Step 8: Taking It Further

Now that this proof of concept is done you can scale up!

You can:

Line your house with it

Make conductive balloons (should work really well) so that you get both huge surface area and a high altitude. The only reason why I didn't do this was because I didn't have the resources.

Use this as a science fair project and win 1st prize.

I'm going to be experimenting with aluminum tape and see if it works really effectively outside

Step 9: Trouble Shooting

1) My capacitor charged and then discharged.
Something went wrong with your panel so that you capacitor is actually emiting the little energy that it has.

2) My capacitor isn't charging.
Make sure that your ground is a real ground.
Using it outside works better for some reason
use a smaller value capacitor (between 1000uF and 100uF is good)


alex1242356 (author)2015-11-24

i mean a battery

fip (author)alex12423562016-01-21

Yeah... Apparently you can't charge your battery, but you can bring a dead rechargeable battery back to life. I just read an instructable yesterday about using a camera flash capacitor to break apart the crystals that have formed inside dead batteries, to bring them back to life. I wonder if we can use the charging system described here. For that instructable we need an AA battery to charge the capacitor for the shock affecting the dead battery. Actually, the battery that I want to bring back to life isn't in an AA battery. It's a laptop computer battery. Pretty sure an AA battery isn't going to cut it, but I'm wondering what will?...

drj62783 (author)fip2017-03-20

in the 18 and 19 century a battery is a group of capacitors

coopsmoss (author)2014-08-03

What do you ground it to? The Literal ground or an electrical ground plug?

drj62783 (author)coopsmoss2017-03-20

they are the same the ground for your three prong plug and the neutral wires connect together at your main breaker box and then to the ground through a grounding rod or water pipes so yes the literal ground and three feet deep is fine

CodyH1 (author)coopsmoss2015-02-20

Any ground will do, so long as it is the opposite charge of the hot lead(collector), as in, any ground will do. So a grounded prong on an outlet(which is not that safe), or a grounded pipe as it will go to actual ground, or you could just ground it yourself with a wire buried in the ground, but, you have to make sure you have approximately the same amount of surface area of ground as you do of the collector(if your ground uses the same material as the collector for the conductor or at least material that is comparable in conductance), otherwise you will be limiting the flow of energy, and as such, limiting your collection abilities.

lawrence.esterlen (author)CodyH12016-01-22

A grounded plug is plenty safe. If the house is built to code, it should run to the breaker and then to a grounding rod driven deep into the earth outside the building. Check near your service power entrance for 1-2" exposed.

drj62783 (author)2017-03-20

what do you mean free energy? once you pay to build or buy the device it produces energy until it breaks then you buy more parts to fix it. energy is not generated or made you dumb as# energy is converted from one form to another. solar panels are free energy at least once you build/buy everything to set it up. energy is free and all around us but gathering storing and converting it cost. even if you just pick up the stuff off the ground to build it such a device your using energy that cost to produce it. and perpetual motion machines are real take the earth for example once started it hasn't stopped yet and no one can prove that it will ever stop at least until we destroy it

Daniel434 (author)2017-02-04

This is good source of free energy for everyone. Thank you Gregory !

rickharris (author)2013-03-24

There is NO such thing as FREE energy.

Your assembling a simple antenna and picking up radio energy. If you do this on a big scale - And you can - You create a radio black spot and quickly upset the owners of the transmitting station.

In most parts of the world there are big fines for doing that.

IF Free energy were available in such a simple way don't you think we would all by not be powering our houses with it rather than paying excessively for generated power??

yeah and there's no cure for cancer either

they get you on the definition of free. of course you cannot make something out of nothing but you can use other means of generating it like copper and zinc. or maybe copper and carbon.

and the answer to a cure for cancer is that the rockerfellers took the doctors who were curing people with cancer to court and lost when the doctors proved they could cure cancer,as did Dr Sebi in 1988. cancer is just a microbe this was proven by Royal Raymond and his rife generator and microscope

There are many "cures" for cancer available, at least many more than there used to be. But that doesn't mean all out principles of Physics are wrong.

In my case my meaning that FREE energy as in no cost to use/extract (ignoring the cost of building the apparatus) isn't going to happen.

ALL the energy we can tap is generated somewhere, you may have access to it, such as radio waves, but that doesn't mean it is free for you to use. generally you will inconvenience someone and get caught.

Cancer just for the record is connected to cell reproduction not to bacteria or microbes. it would be much easier to cure if it emicrobial in origin. There are many causes mostly a reaction to some environmental influence (smoking for example) or to a genetic tendency or defect.

AllanS29 (author)rickharris2017-02-01

Cancer is caused by a lack of Vitamin B12 in the body.

there is more money to be made if Vitamin B12 is not available, some foods do contain it

rickharris (author)AllanS292017-02-03

Cancer is caused by may things - primary in the west by a diet poor in fiber - colon and pancreatic cancers and by old age as the DNA copies bits at the end get left off at some point this will trigger some change in cellular activity resulting in cancer, smoking alcohol, sun burn all contribute.

Foods that are good sources of vitamin B12 include:

  • Beef, pork, ham, poultry, and lamb
  • Fish, especially haddock, and tuna
  • Milk, cheese, and yogurt
  • Some nutritional yeast products
  • Eggs.

it doesn't look all that hard to get enough B12 in your diet. At least in the UK it is added to breakfast cerial.

KathrynC36 (author)rickharris2017-01-08

Sorry but you need to do some research and try it yourself, it's NOT radio energy, it's Radiant energy, Nicola Tesla was a genius and the only reason we don't run on his energy grid today was because his backer owned stock in electric companies. The tesla coil, designed by Nicola Tesla, is commonly used in YOUR CAR. Radio waves are one of the types of energy which float around the planet, but lightening does not come from radio waves. Tesla figured that out, and recorded several patents based on the fact that static electricity can power the world.

rickharris (author)KathrynC362017-01-09

Sorry but I beg to differ on this

"In radiometry, radiant energy is the energy of electromagnetic and gravitational radiation. The SI unit of radiant energy is the joule (J). The quantity of radiant energy may be calculated by integrating radiant flux (or power) with respect to time."

Any conductor/rectifier/coil/capacitor is picking up radiated energy from radio sources. Generally commercial radio networks that radiate kilowatts of energy. Yes extracting this is possible, on a small scale it may not matter much but enough to run your house is going to suck a BIG hole in the radio transmission around your [lace.

IMHO Tesla is today somewhat over rated. Yes he proposed AC transmission rather then DC and made some discoveries in the field of RF generation but from what I read explained little of what he actually did discover, making hints at a number of other things, including free energy and death rays which didn't come to anything in his life time.

We do in fact run Tesla's energy grid today, or at least a modern equivalent. The pylon transmission lines carry AC at 225 - 250 kV eventually locally transformed down to 11 KV and then down to house hold mains @, In most of the world. 220 - 240 volts.

Sorry to say my car does not have a high voltage auto transformer or HT coil in it to generate HT for the spark plugs, its a diesel.

But a high frequency Tesla coil and an auto HT coil although related are different beasts it is charged at a very modest rate and relies on the distributor points braking the charge circuit to generate the HT spark.

Tesla not withstanding - If you can explain practically how anyone can store static electricity for distribution then I for one will invest in your stock.

Sadly although lightening and other static sources produce potentials of millions of volts there is very little current involved making static useless for powering anything. The voltages alone make harvesting it impractical at our current stage of technology.

PS anyone can generate a few million volts of static electricity using a van de graf generator and happily draw sparks from it with their fingers. NOT recommended with lightening.

Mr-Firewood (author)rickharris2014-04-04

Everything on this and all other planets has an electromagnetic signature, the very FACT that you are alive to read this, SCREAMS that Free Energy exists EVERYWHERE...

Gravity the force that holds you to the ground, is electromagnetic in nature...

DC / Direct Current is organic Earth Energy...

AC / Alternating Current was invented by Nikola Tesla using his Poly Phase Generator...

I strongly suggest RICK, that before you open your mouth and insert your entire Foot, that you ( DO THE RESEARCH ) and know exactly what your talking about...

rickharris (author)Mr-Firewood2016-05-24

I am absolutely certain that energy without doing work is not a reality.

You can use gravity, example a water wheel, but some how something di the work of carrying the water uphill for you.

that may not have been you but in the sense of physics it isn't FREE.

(Please don't "Shout" it won't make me listen better, accept what you claim or pay better attention)

Offer me conclusive proof of an example of FREE energy - that is energy that comes from a source that requires no input of any kind just tapping out the energy.

KingH12 (author)rickharris2016-10-04

I have written explanation but the comments was deleted...

rickharris (author)KingH122017-01-05


BrentA7 (author)rickharris2017-01-04

Everything produces a natural magnetic energy field,this is what Tesla's research was entirely based on,Utilizing that ambient energy and then magnifying it...

rickharris (author)BrentA72017-01-05

Possibly, but at a microscopoly small and almost undetectable level. Our mechanical machines, motors, generators, electronics produce a magnetic field many millions of times greater but we still cannot harvest meaningful energy from this source.

WinstonJ (author)Mr-Firewood2014-12-24

Firewood if you have proven gravity is magnetic you need to turn in your papers and pick up your Nobel Prize. Gravity is not magnetic. All mass has gravity even neutrons with no charge or a neutral charge. DC is not " Earth Energy". DC is direct current created by dynamos. Earth is one, induced magnetics . Perhaps read basic electrical?

rickharris (author)WinstonJ2016-05-24


francois.zard (author)rickharris2014-10-22

Not true. Radio energy is actually a vibration at a certain frequency. Whether its RF or EM, it can be picked up by this (crappy antenna) but will not produce any measurable current without first being picked up by a coil or solenoid. The circuit described here is purely capacitive/resistive and has no inductance. So where is the power coming from...

rickharris (author)francois.zard2016-05-24

Not really so, RF energy can be easily turned into voltage and current, given enough Rf energy, and commercial radio transmitters give out mega watts, you can pick up with a suitable antenna enough to easily run lights and in principle relatively heavy electrical equipment.

My inductively charges tooth brush does this on a small scale, the fact it is operating at RF levels can easily be proven by putting it close to am Am radio.

KingH12 (author)rickharris2016-10-04

And why my comments are deleted???

KingH12 (author)rickharris2016-10-04

1 more way to make energy... this one im not sure but i explain... 20 years back there was a batteries (i seen it) it was 5cm to 10cm big and had plastic box so you pull water in it and inside creats quimical reaction and produces 12 volts (nice ha?) as u see i told u 3 ways but there is even more way to make free energy :)

KingH12 (author)rickharris2016-10-04

You live with believe that humans are honest but its unfortunately you wrong. There is a free energy as example magnetic rotation which creat movement and that creats energy now i cant tell you how (because of different reasons) however lets put this way how is our universe works? (i mean our solar system) with position of each planet and sun with they size and etc makes it perfect to pull and push and create an rotation around other big force the sun... same theory :) (i can make a small round object lets say it is 2 times bigger than tennis ball and gives enough for 1/4 of the house :) but energy from Air ot is complex but possible and not from radio its just need to be strong enough so caches from sky ... but people make very weak once so it caches from radio waves...

DragonDon (author)rickharris2013-10-19

Err, methinks you just answered your own question there:

"rather than paying excessively for generated power"

To quote JP Morgan (can't find exact quote but this is close enough) "if I can’t put a meter on it, I don’t want to hear about it” .

Then answer to any of your questions will always be "follow the money" for as long as Capitalism is in 'control'.

First, DragonDon, don't blame capitalism on the reason it's not available...blame the GREED of those involved... I'm a capitalist but I'm also working to recreate the GRAND design of Tesla, and if I can prove it works, will provide the instructions FREE to the entire world...step by step.

Second, rickharris. While you are, on a small scale, collecting RF energy, the original design CONCEPT for this was on a much LARGER scale and the energy created was originally generated from the static electricity in the Ionosphere (Research Wardenclyffe Tower...along with his Resonant Rise where everything was powered by plugging it into the EARTH).

Err, providing instructions for FREE seems quite at odds with "Capitalism is an economic system in which trade, industry and the means of production are controlled by private owners with the goal of making profits in a market economy"

True, can't blame the tool for people's behaviour. Can blame those responsible for not giving people the proper education to make their own choices.

pmind17 (author)2017-01-17

Is there anyway i could get an email from you so if i have further questions.I would like to make and add on to it and demonstrate this in front of my school.

whisperingsage (author)2016-08-30

Combine the body of the system, (I think you are missing the capacitor, spark gap, transformer and ground) with a dipole antennae instead. Working on that right now.

nbenson1 (author)2013-07-06

You realise this is horrible. Just get 2 bits of metal (prefer one zinc and one copper) stick them in the ground with a cap between them. The further apart the Better. You get over 3 volts easy. Or even one end in a tree(like IN) and one in the ground. Much more effective

davidgr58145664 (author)nbenson12016-05-24

that is based on Emil Jahrs 1905 patent isn't it?

RedstoneM (author)nbenson12015-08-12

No, the nearer together the better and at the best do it with multiple separated containers with citric acid

LiquidLightning (author)nbenson12013-09-05

That's from electrochemical potential.

robert0joe (author)2010-09-01

Can this power AC or DC?

scottsmith (author)robert0joe2011-02-10

Lightning is DC, and so are the capacitors, but once you've stored it you can hook up an inverter to output AC or you can just use it out of the batteries as DC.

jduffy54 (author)scottsmith2013-01-22

With the power you're getting, good luck powering any inverter for more than a tiny fraction of a second.

Also, his "wireless energy tower" (or at least one of his energy designs) was actually to wirelessly TRANSMIT power, not harvest it.

Archeval (author)jduffy542013-04-07

it was to both transmit and receive. look up the magnifying transmitter and his tesla coil and induction coil all of these were to combine into a global network of both power and radio.

jduffy54 (author)Archeval2013-04-07

I meant the Colorado tesla coil was not made to pick up the tiny amount of power present in background radiation, it was meant to be powered as you said. Not produce MAYBE a milliwatt of continuous power. That would just be stupid.

Also, don't put faith in all his devices. He claimed to also have an electric death ray designed, plus the whole "earthquake in a tiny weight" that mythbusters tested.

DamonS1 (author)jduffy542016-01-19

The earthquake test worked as i remember

davidgr58145664 (author)DamonS12016-05-24

haha just look at fukushima, it worked alright and wasn't tesla signalling to his explorer mate who was on the way to the north pole, shackleton wasn't it.

The villagers in Siberia reported seeing a body of light in the shape of a pipe as well as a series of airwaves picked up on microbarographs over the course of an hour at 5.14 am that were dotted around England.

I was searching for information on generating electricity with copper and carbon and came across this website,

apparently Tesla said to Edison your electrical towers won't work as all you have to do is put a copper pipe in the ground and you can get electricity don't know if anyone can throw any light on this? the friction created between the copper and carbon is meant to generate the electric

seaprimate (author)jduffy542014-12-15

so because some TV celebrity personalities (from the same network corporation that brought you "real video footage" of a megalodon and Old Hitler) couldn't reproduce an experiment done by the inventor of the 20th century, then he must be discredited. You set your bar really low for credible sources, just saying.

IshmaelO (author)seaprimate2015-10-11

Beautifully said...

omegacode (author)2016-05-12

I love This guy he is a genius Inspiration

omegacode (author)2016-05-12

I love This guy he is a genius Inspiration

MichaelF237 (author)2016-04-22

Is it possible to use ur aluminum gutters

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