Picture of Free Electronic Samples
Did you know that some manufactures and suppliers will give away some free samples of their produces to customers and engineers to test them on their projects?

They are some rules you should know before you start getting free samples from the companies:
  • You should never ask for more than you need, because you are not going to use the extra parts you are given, that means don't be greedy.
  • Taking free samples from the companies and selling them on places like ebay to make your self an profit is an absolute no-no (unless the company says you can do it). Those parts are meant to be used for your projects, NOT for resale.
  • Just to be fair to the companies where you got your samples from, buy some of their products.

There is another instructable that is similar to this, check it out! List Of **FREE STUFF** For your projects, it has a lot of useful information about some companies that give away free samples, and tells you how to get free samples.

There is also a helpful site you should check out to! ladyada.net, there is a lot more helpful information about the free sample sites.

Also big thanks to Wesley666 for finding many manufactures and suppliers that will give away free samples!

What Wesley666 has to say:
Will try to update each step into companies that ship to ONLY North America and ones that ship World Wide to help ppl order samples from anywhere ASAP.

If you find any of our links, they don't work or you cant order samples, I will fix them as soon as possible. And I do try to check my comments at least once a day.

Yes, and I will try to update sites as often as possible when I find new places to sample from!

Don't be greedy and try to lie as little as possible

*Also look for the sample buttons because they are hard to spot sometimes but if you can't then you should send an E-mail!*
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wmada4 months ago
where can i get l293d??? ive looked everywhere... wanna finish a project and its the last piece i need....

Hi wmada

I'm late about this answer but, if you still need it, TI (www.ti.com) has it as a free sample.

Hi Plasmana

This has two purposes:

1- To congratulate you for this brilliant work

2- To inform you that, although ON semiconductor offers samples,

they are in fact paid ones.

Miguel Garcia

DIYmasters1 month ago

Hi! There is also another website I found that supplies free samples of switches.



mike.blais25 months ago

PMC Flash link is dead.

nqtronix5 months ago

Let me add to your supplier list:


Basicly thousends of chinease strores in on gigantic marketplace. They do have almost everything you usually need including Arduino, many shields, LEDs and a lot more. The prices ridiciously low (I'd say they beat dx.com), especially in bulk orders. Usually the shipping is free, but some sellers have quite expensive shipping, so be aware. The shipping times are up to 60 days. The search engine features "price per piece" and a quantity setting which can be incredible useful.


+1 for that store, especially fot their superior search engine. You can specify allmost every aspect, such as operatinc voltage, current consumption, case, allowed temperature range and much, much more. Incredible usefull just to check if an idea is possible or not, even without placing an order. They also have the largest amout of different parts listed.


It's a german store, so them shipping is cheap
(5,90€) and fast in germany. They hHave a fairly big selection of
quality products (they offer a datasheet for each part) at fair prices
(transistor 4ct, resistor 2,5ct, ceramic capacitor 4ct, attiny45 1€,
atmega88 ~2€).


Tiny, german store specialized on avr microcontrollers. They offer almost every low pin count controller in the version with most memory in DIP packeges for very affordable prices, eg. attiny85 0,80€, attiny84A 0,90€, attiny861A 1,50€, atmega328 1,80€(!). Shipping costs only 2€ for orders below 10€ in Germany.


Again a german store, they specialized on everything about PCB manufacture. They have the biggest variety of PCB laminate and also offer high quality eching chemicals. They do sell some more stuff, but nothing exiting.


A german store (suprising, huh) you should generally avoid unless you have a lot money to spend. However the have a huge stock of parts so if you can't get something special anywhere else, this might be the place to come to.

Crtek8 months ago

i'm an electronics student from Slovenia and i can't seem to get free samples of anything, i wanted an attinny45 for a project

any suggestions?

skulur Crtek5 months ago

Get it from www.atmel.com ! I have successfully received samples from them.

simba1 skulur5 months ago

Do they charge for the shipping?????

skulur simba15 months ago

I got a few samples shipped to India (some 1 week back) without having to pay a penny.

tym3k skulur5 months ago

How did you get them? When I look at their website, it says that it is temporarily unavailable and when it's back, it says that the selected part is not available for sampling, but I can buy it from a distributor. And that changes every few days since a month or so.

skulur tym3k5 months ago

You need to be logged in to avail sampling service from atmel. If you are not associated with any company, you may have to send them an email requesting for sample.

simba15 months ago

Does anyone know where to find transistors????

simba15 months ago

Does anyone know where to find transistors????

Walid Issa10 months ago

Microchip site. I have got many many samples from them

skulur Walid Issa5 months ago

Is it completely free or do they charge for the shipping?

mike.blais26 months ago

New Age Enclosures no longer gives free samples

mike.blais27 months ago

System General redirect you to Fairchild when it comes to free samples and Fairchild give Denied Samples Request every time you request free sample.

mike.blais27 months ago

Don't get free sample from www.ams.com. I awaken to a $15.15 CAD bill from FedEx for 9 IC chip. AS3561-DWLM, AS2533UT, & AS2540. I got 3 of each but they used FedEx. No thanks

mike.blais27 months ago

Going by this link https://www.superbrightleds.com/contact.php Super Bight LED's no longer give free samples.

mike.blais27 months ago

The follow links are dead

MWK Lasers

Action Electronics

yugmodnar10 months ago


Free variable capacitor samples, along with other capacitors

Where can I get pcb's? Does anyone know?

It is relatively easy to make them at home. that said, I haven't got to that stage yet. Nonetheless, there are plenty instructions on a website i know of. Here's a link: http://www.instructables.com/ . And with programs like Fritzing, you can order one off pcbs for a low price. Hope I helped!

I've heard that Texas Instruments is definitely reliable. It seems that many other sites make you put in tons of personal info, only to deny your request because you aren't part of a company.
TI are great, so far they were the only ones I used for ICs. they are really really reliable and the delivery is quick, even to England! however, most of the time, you will only find soic and other surface mount packages, not DIP packages. I was fortunate enough to find 555 timers in a DIP package thogh, so if you persevere, they are brilliant.

I'm ordered some stuff from Zilog, and they accepted to send me what i choose. My question is: the shipping it's for free, even if i live in Europe?

TNX for response.

comsa421 year ago

Hahaha! I requested two samples from e-switch and they had a representative come to my house and hand-deliver them! Man what a nice company! Two rock solid switches as well! They must be getting lots of customers like this.

mwagner631 year ago

Excellent instructable. Does anyone know where I can get audio connector samples? 3.5mm plug and jack to be specific

gosh. Anywhere. Find some old headphones or CD player. They will have one. Or just pay $3 for one.....

gosh. Anywhere. Find some old headphones or CD player. They will have one. Or just pay $3 for one.....

gosh. Anywhere. Find some old headphones or CD player. They will have one. Or just pay $3 for one.....

gosh. Anywhere. Find some old headphones or CD player. They will have one. Or just pay $3 for one.....

jrdelrey1 year ago

I will strongly recommend to ask for very few rare stuff that is needed urgently or that it's pretty hard to find in your place. Component vendors are looking for profit (obviously) and many are implementing locks like corporate email addresses, along with estimating annual usage. For quick and easy supplies I would recommend to go to a broker like newark, digikey, mouser (no preference). I live in Mexico and even if what I can get in local stores is very consumer oriented (radioshack here only sells TVs, phones and batteries, not components), these providers reach you at a reasonable cost.

dsur1 year ago

About enclosures - no free samples.!!!

Am I the only one who is very impressed with this instructable?
I don't have company address ? What should I do without paying up for a new domain? Pls help me out
jasshopper1 year ago
is there a place where you could order free mosfets without a credit card?

Never received the samples led that they offered,for thedevelopment of projects in our company, we do not know if there is an evil understood in that supply. att: W Diaz
Nickson Yap2 years ago
Integrated Device Technology
They provide free samples.
Requires a valid company email address.

Analog & RF
Audio Products
Clocks & Timing
Data Converters
Interface & Connectivity
Memory & Logic
Power Management
Touch & User Interface
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