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This is a list of places which you can get FREE stuff from, you can use it in your projects.... Its free and the items are shipped free So yeah hope you like the list !

Ok so I organized this instructable by type of product.

PM me if you have a site you want added !

Sorry about the crappy pics I took them with my cellphone......

Step 1: So How Do I .......

Simply fill out the forms with the product numbers you want and most places will ship within 1 - 3 weeks.

Step 2: Switches

I have had good luck with several places.

-Apem (recommended)
They are really good for freebies. I got some key locks and industrial buttons for an electrical ignitor.
They take a little under 2 weeks to deliver.....
They have very high quality parts.
(update) Several people have asked how do I order from APEM SO:
Click on the type of switch you want and it will take you to a different page.... Under the ONLINE REQUESTS category click REQUEST SAMPLES.

-E Switch
There parts appear high quality
However I have not Completely ordered from them for the fact that you need a shipping number. So for this one you need a shipping number.

I placed my order about a few weeks back and still haven't received anything. (I will Update)
But this Place looks legit.

I just recently found out about this site. And am still waiting but this place seems legit.
Better then paying $3
For a switch at The Source/ Radioshack

Step 3: ICs, Semiconductors and Microcontrolers.

Texas Instruments
I have ordered several packages from this place. I have gotten every thing I have ever asked for.

I have placed one order with these folks and I got it.

Step 4: L.E.Ds

Step 5: Enclosures

Yeah you could buy this or you coulld have a company ship you a plastic boxes for free.

This place will ship you 2 enclosures of your choice for free. They don't ask questions either....
They ship via FedexGround. If you live in Tampa You can probably get it next day. You even PACKING PENUTS YAY.....

Dont go trying to order the Nicest Case Like there R or RX series because they wont give it to you.....
I just got Mine Today......
Your going to have to send them an email.....

Your going to have to send a polite email to these people.
These people are legit....
Shipped with FEDEX GROUND

New Age Enclosures
They offer some stylish enclosures......I just contacted them....
I hope I get mine......

This place has a sample button near the bottom..... they got some nice enclosures too....
I'm still waiting for mine

Step 6: Cable Managment

Your going to have to send them an email......

This place has more than just cable ties they got nuts and bolts and washers and....... Gears..... The list goes on....
I just order from them.....

I just sent these folks an email.......
I hope I get them...
YEP I am waiting on these people too

Step 7: Conectors and Pins

YOur going to have to click around on their site a bit because i have no idea where you live....
This site is thanks to wa9ave

The Request samples button is at the bottom of the page.
I haven't recieved my shipment yet...
They will phone you..... They phoned me..... but I think im still getting away with it....
Hopefully he wont lookup my address in google earth.......
I told him I was making a control panel for a crane.....

Mill Max
They sell and sample connector pins for pcbs.......
I'm still waiting for my shipment

Step 8: Other

This is the place where I put everything else......

This Place you have to contact and ask them for one.....
This place is awsome......

I guess this is some type of sample pack..... I am still waiting for mine....



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    11 months ago

    ESSENTRA components have a really easy to use website and offer a lot of free plastic things.


    2 years ago

    I m from india and i need some electronic parts for my project . i m btech 2nd year student in bareilly , uttar pradesh, india. I need part arduino uno board, relays. I m making a voice controlled home automation , by which i can control room lights. So plz plz give me parts i will be very thankful ..


    2 years ago

    I need a low profile video card AMD, Nvidia or Intel for my HP slimline quad core computer for free please. Does anyone know where i can get one for free? Thank you.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I'm constantly looking for ways to get FREE STUFF, free stuff and free money is my life, but I'll pass on what ever this is.

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Do you happen to have any free sample(s) / free product(s) / free service(s) that you would be willing to share with a fellow freebie hunter?


    3 years ago

    Does anyone know where I can get free mosfets?


    3 years ago

    Noticed on step 4, you hadn't listed anyone for LED's. I haven't found any either, but if you don't mind waiting 3-4 weeks for them to arrive, I've ordered White, blue, standard red, green, yellow, and even RGB LED's from suppliers in China & Japan, for less than a penny per LED (just got 3 packs of 5mm 50X RGB LED's for about $1.50US total, free-shipped about 4 months ago. Compare to $3.50/per LED local.) via eBay. One thing I'd love to find, would be a SMT mount for some Serial (I2C) Flash RAMs that doesn't require permanent mounting (soldering) the chip to test.. (something to transition from SMT to normal pins for a breadboard.)


    3 years ago

    Does Apem's sample request include free delivery as well?

    thomcomstockCoffee bean

    Reply 3 years ago

    Over $600.00 of sample product. Considering that we are looking to control semi-antonymous asteroid acquisition spacecraft from the inside of our own, extended-journey, manned spacecraft, I don't think that this is much to ask.

    hexinverterCoffee bean

    Reply 9 years ago on Step 5

    I just got mine...$70USD worth of awesome enclosure-ness. They shipped out the next day with registered UPS tracking all the way to Canada. Awesome!


    Reply 10 years ago on Step 5

    idk, it has been a while since i asked for anything, but i asked 3 or 4 times and got them all but once


    3 years ago

    You can also get free IC/microcontroller samples from Atmel (they make i.e. the Ardunio's micro, the ATmega328) and Microchip (they make i.e. the PIC micros, I already got two of them for free) if you have a university/company e-mail adress, along with nearly all IC manufacturer.