Friend of Humanity Dog Poo Warning Spray System





Introduction: Friend of Humanity Dog Poo Warning Spray System

This system will allow you to warn fellow humans beings that there is dog mess in their path, and give them time to sidestep it.

You have done a good thing.

Step 1: The Inspiration.

Britain is tiny and it is absolutely covered in dog mess; running, walking or cycling requires constant vigilance.

One day I found some fluorescent powdered chalk in a skip.
I decided to mark every poo I encountered on my jogging route, as I ran.
The next day, when I jogged, I easily avoided every one of them.
Also, I had the humourous vision of people looking at these turds and wondering who would have been sad enough to annoint them.

It was me.

Anyway, then my mind came up with a bike mounted spray system.

I didn't want to make it but my brain just wouldn't shut up until I did,(I'm sure you know the feeling.)

O.K., I didn't really have a plan except to make it a simple and quickly as possible.

Here are the bits that I started with...

A brake lever, Aluminum pole, a bit of wood, and some brake cable.
Also pictured is a stencil; the idea was to turn a thing of revulsion into a thing of beauty.

Unfortunately, tests showed that the stencil would have to actually be laying on the poo to be effective; I gave the stencil idea up.

Step 2: Step 1.

Drill a hole in the tube.
Wrap some inner tube around your spray-can.
Cable-tie it together.

Step 3: Step 2.

Get a strip of metal or wood and drill a hole at one end and also a small hole in the middle, (for the cable).
Drill a small hole in the pole, (also for the cable).

Affix on the pole, quite loosely.(I used a folded inner-tube as a washer, to give some flexibility.)

Step 4: Step 3.

Affix the pole to your front fork any way that you can.

I wrapped the pole in inner tube and used a cable-tie and a fork-boss.

Step 5: Step 4.

Attach brake lever to bike.

Attach brake cable to pole.

Stick on a bit of tape to keep everything on track.

Step 6: Step 5.

O.K., cycle along and if you see a Richard-the -Third, then spray it.

(I have used a block of wood to spare your delicate sensibilities).

This does work; the riding action mixes the paint.

If you are as sad as me , this adds a certain pleasure to a routine cycle ride. (Such as cycling to work.)

I'm sure that line-marker paint would be brighter but it's just too expensive over here.

Step 7: Epilogue.

Like all pivotal points in human history, this device can be used for good or evil.

It has potential to make huge works of graffitti art.

It has potential to surreptitiously spray cars that have been naughty to you on the road.

I would hate either of the above to happen but there you go, people are morons.

Anyhoo, thanks for reading my drivel and hopefully my brain will shut up now.



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    Cool idea - but how about bypassing all this hard work and just lobby to have all dog food made bright yellow and glow in the dark???

    PS - do you ever get the brake lever and the spray lever mixed up and paint a long yellow line leading to the tree you crashed into?

    I know that this is 7 years too late but your comment was the best.

    In India the authorities has started to spray paint the people that are riding on the roof of the trains so they can catch them at the station later. Maybe that idea could be implemented here also. Spray paint the bastards that let their darlings poop on the pavement and not picking it up. That would serve them right. :-)

    Instead of spray painting the owners maybe using the chemicals that cause rashes in poison ivy to mark the owners

    I really like this idea!! Also, like the potential to biking into a parking lot and painting a very very large smiley face then biking away forthwith.

    I live in NYC uptown Inwood To be PC witch i hate , on the other side of Brwway where all the untrained people live with there good dog's . this Tool is a must .& just maybe it could shame some one,. you must do an Iris Gig just to get to the store' Your idea is brilliant Thank you

    Great idea, excellent 'ible. And I love your remark about Britain being covered in dog mess. I have long been worried about such a small landmass forced to absorb the impact of 30 million tourists landing on it every year, and now I can add the weight of canine land mines to my mental vision of a proud & noble Britannia slowly sinking into the waves she rules. :)

    There was a time not too long ago when a lot of people was marking poo in the US.

    You could extend this idea for blind people by dropping little beeping beacons to warn of impending poo.