Picture of From old Tourist Map to Gift Bag / De mapa viejo a bolsa de regalo
What can you do with an old tourist map? Just convert it in an amazing gift bag and surprise your friends and family.

I will show you how to make a gift bag in a while. You can also reuse old maps to wrap the gifts, and contribute to the planet.

SAFETY ADVICE: This instructable uses sharp tools. Be careful about it. If you are not sure how to use, don't continue. For kids, it is MANDATORY adult supervision and help.

Spanish version

?Que puedes hacer con un mapa turistico viejo? Conviertelo en una bolsa de regalo y sorprende a tus amigos y familiares.

Te ensenyo como construir una bolsa de regalo en un instante. Tambien puedes reutilizar los mapas viejos para envolver los regalos, y asi contribuir con el planeta.

CONSEJO DE SEGURIDAD: Este instructable utiliza herramientas cortantes. Ten cuidado con ellas. Si no estas seguro de como se usan, por favor, no continues. Para ninnos, es OBLIGATORIA la supervision y ayuda de adultos.

Step 1: Tools and materials / Herramientas y materiales

Picture of Tools and materials / Herramientas y materiales
You will need:

1 - An old tourist map (those that are folded).
2 - A rule.
3 - A pencil or marker.
4 - A scissors and a cutter.
5 - Glue for paper.
6 - A cutting mat.

The tourist map must be folded at least in six parts. The size of the bag will be 2 parts per 1.



1 - Un mapa turistico (esos que vienen doblados)
2 - Una regla.
3 - Un lapiz o rotulador.
4 - Tijeras y cutter.
5 - Pegamento para papel.
6 - Superficie para cortar.

El mapa debe tener seis partes como minimo. El tamanno de la bolsa sera de 2 partes por 1.
stinkymum7 years ago
I used to work for an aviation company, and used to use the old Jeppessen chart maps frequently to wrap gifts, which always caused a lot of comments. Your idea is a very good one too.
I still do this now. My outdoor & mountaineering friends love it!
Now that's an idea, I'm sure my partner has some outdated aviation maps...
fanykan4 years ago
gracias por subir al español
fanykan4 years ago
twistr5 years ago
great idea..........
gamer7 years ago
Very clear instructable! one question, is this Spanish? I can read it easily, but I am not sure if it's Spanish or Italian or something else.... please answer on that. -gamer
ansanma (author)  gamer7 years ago
Yes, it's Spanish! I think it will be a great idea if Instructables becomes multi-lingual some day...
DriX ansanma5 years ago
Me parece recordar, hace un par de años, que instructables tenia la posibilidad de subir instructables en diferentes idiomas. Hasta me parece que habían cosas como "concursos" para traducir instructables a otros idiomas.
O eso, o mi cabeza me falla más de lo que esperaba (o era en otra página :P)


I think I remember some years ago Instructables had the possibility to upload instructables in different languages. 
ansanma (author)  DriX5 years ago
Es la primera noticia que tengo. Si se podía, nadie más me lo ha comentado y parece haber desaparecido del todo. Gracias por el apunte.
ll.13 ansanma7 years ago
Nice! there's a few other bi-lingual Instructables.
Doesn't Google make a translation tool? I'm not sure.
yes. yes, they do.
gamer PaulTozzi7 years ago
It's not the best though, it's not good at all if you ask me... -gamer
gamer ansanma7 years ago
It would be pretty sweet.... only if.... oh, we just need to make some great Instructables in languages other than English, and one day, it will happen! Also, I'm trilingual (in order of oldest to most recent): Spanish, French, and English, pretty good base to Roman languages, Spanish and French... anyways... Would be great to read Instructables in other languages!
brunoip5 years ago
Te quedo muy bueno.
Que copado poder comentar en español.
oreosmooshy5 years ago
 If you were planning a surprise trip for your family or something you could put the plane tickets or whatever in that and give it to them :)
Girbska5 years ago
wow me encantaaaa : ) excelente idea para cualquier ocasión, saludos!
leeny6 years ago
Thanks for the instructions, my bag worked out really well.
JoseAAV6 years ago
mae primer instructable k veo en español dms bueno grax por la idea
Alex816 years ago
Great idea, i will try it !!
its simple, cheap, original and actually looks better than loads of conventional wrapping papers. reusing things we would consider trash, limiting the wastes is important too. at least for me :)
Ya know, I might use this some time out of copies of newspaper clippings printed in sepia :D...thanks for the inspiration :D I faved it ;)
Good idea! it'd be great if you could find a way to make it more resistant, to use it maybe as a reusable grocery/shopping bag.
LinuxH4x0r7 years ago
Very nice! I might make one of these Great job