Hello again, and welcome to the ApertureScience's online outsourced user instructive manual.  Here you will find the archived step-by-step guide on learning how to construct one of their most popular and _intelligent of proDUCTS, the GeneticLifeform andDiskOperating System also known as GLaDOS.  Before we begin, ApertureScience would like to remind you that while FUN and learning are the primaryobjectives of this guide, serious injuries may occur.  Aperture SCIence is not responsiblepapercuts, scissor chafing, prolonged glue exposure or POentialdeath by rocket fire as a result of the creAtion of this build.  Should you succeed, cake and a party will be rewarded to you at the end.  GoodLuck and most  importantly, always remember to [=blank=]

Ok, so I'm not going to let GLaDOS write this entire instructable, sorry.*

Anyway Happy Video Game Month, Instructabrarians, and WOW, things things are really starting to shape up as we begin to enter our fourth week!  A lot of completely awesome builds and 'ibles being shown recently and I just wanted to show off my second build for VG Month.  It's papercraft GLaDOS from Portal! The design of this papercraft was done by billybob884, posted on deviantart where you get this awesome 8 inch figure of GLaDOS.  "Yeah, 8 inches is pretty cool.  But let's make it Life Size!"

 I actually had the idea for this build all the way back in October for Instructable's Halloween contest, but things got in the way and I ended up having to shelve it for future use.  BUT, I brought her back from the Matt Co. Archives specifically for Video Game month and I can't wait to show you!  So grab your Elmer's Glue-All, industrial strength Uhu glue stick and fun craftin' scissors, this is how to build a Full Sized Paperkraft GLaDOS!

GLaDOS's Addendum: You are not a good person. You know that, right?

IMPORTANT: If you are looking for the Portal Core Files, go directly to Step 3 for Download: HERE

Step 1: Abstract + Inspiration

Before I begin, I feel I am obligated to make two important points.  First, I did not design these papercraft models.  The design of the GLaDOS Papercraft Model goes to Billybob884 for his amazing 8 inch model through Pepakura and this 'ible was posted through his permission.  GLaDOS's papercraft cores were designed by an unknown user on Chamoo's Papercraft site, who unfortunately could not be contacted during the time of this build.  The page has also since been removed.  However I also ended up making a few minor modifications of my own, of course.  And don't think that because I'm using a pre-made model that I'm trying to get away with less work or something.  I will still be talking you through each of the individual part instructions.

Secondly, and perhaps more shockingly to many, is I have never played Portal before.  Sure I've seen the walkthroughs a dozen times over and I know the characters, physics, and mechanics of the game inside and out (which includes Portal Prelude) and I desperately want to play it, but unfortunately I've never been able to.  And surprisingly, it was actually  this flaw that served for the main inspiration for this build.  

See, as much as I absolutely love the different fan art that comes from this game (especially Chiok's realistic Portal Gun, special maker shout out), the one character I think was seriously missed out on creating was GLaDOS, the coolest character in the game.  I mean, for every fan art image or creation I can find of her, I can find 16 on the Companion Cube (a tool which, because I have yet to play the game, have yet to get attached to) and there's never been a great GLaDOS Full Replica before.  Well, until that day finally comes, I decided to satisfy myself by creating a unique 1:1 scale model of her.

GLaDOS Addendum=WIN!
<sup><sub><em>Tha<strong>n</strong></em></sub></sup><strong>k </strong><em>you</em><strong> for</strong> <em>hel</em><sup><sub>ping</sub></sup> us <sup>he<sub>l</sub></sup><sub>p</sub><strong> you</strong> <sub>help</sub> <em>us</em> all.
<p>NO... </p><p><em>Tha<strong>n</strong></em><strong>k </strong><em>YOU</em><strong> for</strong> <em>hel</em>ping US help<strong> YOU</strong> help <em>US</em> all.</p>
<p>Love your picture, mikitakas.</p>
You just made a WIN comment. You become an internet noob.<br>:P
This is a triumph, I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS!
Thanks Mikeasaurus! It's hard for me to state my satisfaction :)
Aperture Science:<br>We do what we must because we can.
Except the ones who are dead. But there's no use crying over them, am I right?
<p>You know those aren't the lyrics, right? &quot;But there's no sense crying over every mistake.&quot;</p>
You just keep on trying till you run out of cake. Which is soon since that cake on the chair is almost gone!
This was just mentioned on Vsauce's<a href="http://youtu.be/9mnsWoKiSx0"> Game Lut</a>, way to go!
Wow, I did not even know this happened. Thanks for the heads up Mike!
<p>how did you attatch all the pieces of paper together? sorry if i already asked, my computer is flippin out on me</p>
<p>This was a triumph.</p><p>I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS!!!</p><p>It's hard to overstate my satisfaction.</p><p>Aperture Science</p><p>We do what we must because we can</p><p>For the good of all of us</p><p>Except the ones who are dead</p><p>But there's no sense crying over every mistake</p><p>You just keep on trying till you run out of cake</p><p>And the science gets done</p><p>And you make a neat gun</p><p>For the people who are still alive</p><p>I'm not even angry</p><p>I'm being so sincere right now</p><p>Even though you broke my heart and killed me</p><p>And tore me to pieces</p><p>And threw every piece into a fire</p><p>As they burned it hurt because</p><p>I was so happy for you!</p><p>Now these points of data make a beautiful line</p><p>And we're out of beta</p><p>We're releasing on time</p><p>So I'm GLaD.</p><p>I got burned.</p><p>Think of all the things we learned</p><p>For the people who are </p><p>still alive.</p><p>Go head and leave me</p><p>I think I prefer</p><p>To stay</p><p>Inside.</p><p>Maybe you'll find someone else to help you.</p><p>Maybe Black Mesa</p><p>That was a joke. (Ha ha) FAT CHANCE.</p><p>Anyway, this cake is great</p><p>It's so delicious and moist.</p><p>Look at me still talking when there's science to do</p><p>When I look out there it makes me GLaD I'm not you</p><p>I've experiments to run</p><p>There is research to be done</p><p>On the people who are sill alive.</p><p>And believe me, I am</p><p>Still Alive</p><p>I'm doing science and I'm</p><p>Still Alive</p><p>I feel fantastic and I;m</p><p>Still Alive</p><p>While you are dying I'll be </p><p>Still Alive</p><p>And when you're dead I will be</p><p>Still Alive</p><p>Still Alive</p><p>Still Alive</p>
<p>Where's the file PDO?</p>
<p>wiLL YoU pLEaSE CoME baCK tO ThE CoMPUter AddED EnricHMEN CENteR SHIFT YoU ArE NEeDeD FOr THe aID Of THe geNeTIC LiFe FoRM AnD DisC OpRATinG sYEsTEM</p>
GLaDOS. Awesome.
Where is the download for the different cores? I've just spent ages resizing and rescaling the ones on the original .pdo model Dx
The original cores for this model were different. i can give them to you if you wish. <br>
<p>please! please do that!!!</p>
<p>Found the file after some searching. hope it works!(it's the cores) http://www.freewebs.com/chamoo_papercrafts/halflife.htm</p>
<p>hey, i cannot find the personality cores you used for yours. not to mention, the pep file won't work. any help?</p>
<p>YOU HAV JUST BLOWN MY FRICKIN MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</p>
<p>Hey could you post more images of the mini GLaDOS like on the sideway, front, it would make everything easy. Just like what you did with the cores. Its more of a guide. So please make it!</p>
<p>I can't seem to get the Pepakura to work PLEASE help me</p>
I've never seen this game before so thar song was really creepy!
I hate Aperture Bakery! I ordered a cake, and...
OK GLaDOS, i know you kiled him. Just got an idea. <br>GLaDOS+Electro-Sapper=??
Nobody can make a full scale GLaDOS, just her head is the size of Chell!
Everyone should build one.. <br> <br> <br>For Science... <br> <br>You monster.
Aperture Science - We do what we must, because we can!
Amazing - When I build this. I'll probably add some speakers and a button to GLaDOS &quot;head&quot; or to one of the cores and upon pressing said button, it would trigger a music chip playing &quot;Still Alive&quot;.
now if we could just make a real glados, complete with her annoying, narcissistic, hateful, spiteful, sarcastic, and finally epic personality. just make sure not to give her access to neuron toxin...
Do you choose to cut with scissors or a hobby knife?
2 questions: (Sorry if they were already answered) <br> <br>1. How many sheets of paper does this take in total? <br> <br>2. How long did it take to cut out?
Hi 4lifenerdfighter!<br /><br />1. 250 +/- I built her a year and a half ago, so I don't know the specifics. I do remember having to go through at least one ink cartridge :P<br /><br />2. Cutting out took me the longest: 3.5 days. I was on a major time crunch to finish her along with BMO for the first game.life contest.
WOW. That's dedication. Good job. Is she still in one piece?
its hard to state my satisfaction.
WOW... I missed this the first time around!!! <br> <br>Excellent work, SHIFT! <br> <br>However DID you accomplish that CrAzY script and what's it called? I'm still in a state of amazement!!!
wow now to make her work and go rouge hmm
What I really need are <strong>Test Subjects</strong>. &nbsp;Any volunteers?
I will HAPPILY do it for NO pay
got the organe jumpsuits i guess wait is it a joke or real life
Nice work... kinda small for &quot;life-size&quot; as everyone else pointed out... but still awesome. I want to see someone with a large house build a actual full size version and use it as pseudo chandelier of sorts.
Thanks Pull And Twist! If you're interested, stick around on my page for a while. I cant make any promises, but I may be working on something similar to your idea- via Portal 2 version.
Dude I love your creativity to go outside of the box and be orignal and all these great things!
has anyone noticed that glados (just the glados core) is a lot different than the one in portal 2?
yes I was thinking isn't that wheatly from the end
Acording to you im still alive.<br>:p

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