Functional Lit Costume Goggles for Mr Freeze

Picture of Functional Lit Costume Goggles for Mr Freeze
2013-05-10 22.33.03.jpg
Egads!  LED Goggles you can see through (surprisingly well, too)!  They pulse subtly, making them so cold and dehumanizing. They were totally perfect for the character I was going after - Mr Freeze.  It was my first time really playing with LEDs and Arduinos, so it was a good learning curve hugely aided by the wonderful Instructables community.  The biggest lesson here for me (as with virtually every project) was iterate, iterate, iterate!  I've skipped all that for this instructable though and I'll show you the steps to the end product!
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Step 1: Design Diagram

Picture of Design Diagram
2013-05-21 13.22.04.jpg
Don't be scared - it's actually pretty simple.  I started with some cheap welding goggles and added electronics from there.  One of the main challenges was to keep the light from the LEDs separated from the light from the outside world coming into my eye.  Here's an explanation of the pieces of the cross-section from the front to the back.
  • The lens holder is an original part of the goggles, basically a ring that screws onto body to hold onto the various lenses.
  • The glass lens is a flat, boring glass disc that came with the goggles.  I kept it to make sure the front of each lens has a uniform, shiny surface.
  • The gasket is just a tiny plastic ring that acts as a small spacer between the glass and plastic.
  • The plastic disc is a disc of opaque, white plastic I cut from an Ikea storage box.  The front is lightly textured and the back has a regular triangular tessellation carved into it with a dremel.  Through the center is a small hole (roughly 1.5cm diameter) through which I can see.
  • The black foam tube is a small tube I cut/carved from EVA foam (craft foam) to keep the LED light from making it into my eye by maintaining a solid tube of darkness.  The squishiness of the foam also helps keep everything in place.
  • Six LEDs are mounted evenly around the foam tube, mounted onto a piece of mirrored acrylic simply by pulling the leads through tiny holed drilled through the acrylic.  Acrylic because it's solid and can be clear in the center, mirrored to bounce all the possible light out of the front of the lens.  The mirroring was a film applied to the front side, but tinfoil or aluminium tape would work equally well.  I made sure to cut away the mirroring in the center of the acrylic so I could see through.
  • The foam disc is for comfort, to protect my face from the electronics, and to make sure to block any light that comes through or around the acrylic.

That looks amazing can you give me links to everything you used so I can buy all the products.

I love this! Good work :)
Don't suppose you have a build for the costume itself? Cause it looks amazing as well
Fantastic, absolutely fantastic! Just one little question orvis: if you didn't already cover this, how much did the build (goggles only) cost? :)
syates31 year ago
Costume is great love the details and style, it's like 10x better than the one from Batman the movie, and lucky you got to meet vampy.
orvis (author)  syates31 year ago
Thanks! The arnold suit was pretty great, but really, really far away from any of the classic looks - and unfortunately tainted by an awful movie. The character is so great though.

Vampy is super friendly. If you meet her, I'm sure she'd pose with you too!
syates3 orvis1 year ago
I think the costume was really cool but the movie like you said was afull. The idea of Arnold as a doctor was a bit iffy to me. As to vampy I'm sure she is from anything I've ever seen her do she always comes off as super nice.
klaus661 year ago
Really beautiful, and the costume as well.
But! couldn't you use a cheap 555 instead of an expensive Arduino?!
I'd do so...

bsuch1 year ago
did u make the freeze costume too? if so have you got an instructable for it?
Mielameri1 year ago
These look great! And I love all the pictures at the end :). Any chance you'll be doing a tut on the rest of the costume?
orvis (author)  Mielameri1 year ago
Slowly I'll get it on here! In the meantime you can read about it on my blog, Thanks for the interest!
Gregbot1 year ago
Great! Thanks!
Yes great costume! Explain where did you find the acrylique dome please! Thanks
orvis (author)  timififilger1 year ago
I found it here:,2030
It's not acrylic, but a thin, thin, thin piece of either Polypropolyne or Polyurethane. It was an absolute bear to find, so I know your pain!
very cool build and nice documentatio.. P.S. that little girl in the Ironman costume is just about the most awesome thing I have ever seen! Thaks for sharing :)
orvis (author)  Matt2 Silver1 year ago
Isn't she though? It's so great!
You did a great job!
Honus1 year ago
That is really cool!