Functional Nintendo Controller Coffee Table





Introduction: Functional Nintendo Controller Coffee Table

A collection of some of the functional Nintendo controller coffee tables I have built. All tables were built by hand without any CNC machinery.

Step 1: Prototyping the MDF Painted Version

I drew up the table in AutoCAD at x10 scale from the original. The first prototype was made out of MDF. I used 3/4 inch for the shell and 1/8 inch for the raised portions. The button mounts used bolts with springs to give it the bounce. I designed the buttons so you can adjust the bolts to increase or decrease the compression of the springs, giving the buttons more or less of a "bounce" when pressed.

For painting, I went to the paint store and they matched they colours on an orginal controller. I use a small gravity feed spray gun to apply the paint. After all the paint is on, I then spray it with 50 degree conversion varnish to make it shiny and durable.

To paint the lettering I got a vinyl sticker which I placed and sprayed overtop.

Step 2: D-Pad

Making of the D-Pad. I made a jig to use with an overhead router, or in this case a pin router attachment.

Step 3: Wiring.

Picture of the final wiring. I used an original NES controller which I took apart and re-wired it to all the buttons.


  • so much fun to play-brex1

    brex1 made it!


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Brilliant build but it might help to show the step by step instructions for the rest of us to follow along?

can any one help with the wiring stage please , I need help understanding the 2 wires from Momentary switches and where there go, ps I bought nes controler of eBay but circuit board is diffrent

did you buy an original controller, or a 3rd party one?

I've only wired original NES controllers, which indeed are different than that one. The original controller has a chip in the center, which I soldered directly to that. For your switches you'll need 1 wire to connect to the corresponding button on the circuit board and the other wire goes to ground.

thanx zorn for the help much appreciated

Useless if you don't put a step by step instructions

whhooaa! How big is the NES system?

awesome! I never thought in a piece of furniture like this! surely limited edition !!