GE Microwave F3 Error Fix

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Introduction: GE Microwave F3 Error Fix

microwave tuns on by it's self,beeps out of control

starts cooking by itself

f3 is a control panel error

this is what I did

haven't had an error yet on week 2

Step 1: Remove Top Grate

remove the two screws holding in place
you have to open the door to get it to come off

Step 2: Remove the Control Panel

Remove screw holding panel on
Then with your hand push up from the bottom to get it to come off

Step 3: Clean the Control Board

I looked ovsd the board and there was some corrosion that was making contact on board. Cleaned that off and any grease.

Has been working for over a month saved $80.00

Hope this helps u out

Step 4: Put It Back Together

Replace all things U removeed and plug back in



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      Thanks for the tip. Was the corrosion on the connector?