Last year for Halloween, HaHaBird - aka Nathan Pryor, illuminated the Instructables community with his Pumpktris. This was one of the coolest Instructables ever posted. Now that we here at Instructables are neighbors with the wonderful, magnificent, science-tastic Exploratorium, we worked with them this year to make a GIANT version of Pumpkin Tetris, which was exhibited during their Halloween festivities.


Step 1: Materials

For this project I used:
  • exacto knife
  • snips
  • heat gun
  • wire stripper
  • soldering iron
  • drill - 1" hole saw, and 13/32" bit for LED holes
  • hacksaw

I also used a laser cutter to make a jig, more on that later
This is the best.
Your a champion.
The time lapse is awesome! So happy this is finally up :D

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