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Last year for Halloween, HaHaBird - aka Nathan Pryor, illuminated the Instructables community with his Pumpktris. This was one of the coolest Instructables ever posted. Now that we here at Instructables are neighbors with the wonderful, magnificent, science-tastic Exploratorium, we worked with them this year to make a GIANT version of Pumpkin Tetris, which was exhibited during their Halloween festivities.

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
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For this project I used:
  • exacto knife
  • snips
  • heat gun
  • wire stripper
  • soldering iron
  • drill - 1" hole saw, and 13/32" bit for LED holes
  • hacksaw

I also used a laser cutter to make a jig, more on that later

Step 2: Building the circuit

Picture of Building the circuit
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I used Nathan's Instructable to guide me in building the circuit, and programming the Arduino. It was stone simple.

I marked up the joystick with tape and a sharpie so I could remember the orientation of the controller before I jammed it in the pumpkin - I also machined out some slightly larger holes to make it easier to mount the joystick in the pumpkin.

The Arduino requires the following libraries from Adafruit:
And here is the sketch

A small understanding of how these microcontrollers function is helpful when building these kinds of projects. I had to do a little fussing in the sketch when the joystick wasn't communicating in the way I had initially anticipated.

Step 3: Jig for assembling matrix

Picture of Jig for assembling matrix
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In Corel Draw, I made a matrix of 16x8 10 mm Holes, then used an Epilog laser cutter to cut 3 sheets of cardboard. When the sheets came out of the laser cutter, I taped them together.

The LEDs fit nicely in there, and didn't wiggle around too much when I moved the matrix around.
nikoala31 year ago
This is the best.
Your a champion.
The time lapse is awesome! So happy this is finally up :D