To create a Galaxy Jar You will need,

1. Jar (any type as long as it has a lid)
2. Food coloring
3. Water
4. Cotton
5. Stick to mix

Step 1: First Color

First add water. Then add the cotton to the jar. After add the color you life along with the glitter. Mix with the stick to make sure the water is absorbed by the cotton. Close the lid and shake.

Step 2: Repeat

Make sure there is no water left from the first color you chose. Then add cotton along with the water. Repeat the steps from first color. Dont forget to close lid and shake!

Step 3: Last Color

Repeat from the last steps. Dont forget to mix at the end!
<p>how long will this last for?</p>
<p>just finineshed it! my hands are soo mesy</p>
<p>just finineshed it! my hands are soo mesy</p>
<p>Amazing!! Love it.</p>
<p>Wooowwwww...Very impressive</p>
<p>This is great.. wonderful execution</p>
<p>I like the colors you chose!</p>

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