Picture of Gary Sterley's 40k Space Marine
This is my Warhammer 40k Space Marine Costume. It is a Crimson Fist and was completed just in time for Halloween this year. This is my second ever costume build and I have been working on it since March of 2013.

I have a full build thread located on the RPF forum here: 
an another on Obscurus Crusade here:

And you can find it on facebook here:

This was my first time working in foam and also my first time working on something so large. The costume stands roughly 7ft tall and requires that I walk on stilts. The hardest part of the whole process was probably the Power Fist (the giant left hand). I designed it in google sketch-up and 3D printed all of the digits myself. It is fully articulated and I am extremely proud of it. Designing everything in 3D was a huge hurdle. I am not a 3D modeler. I have been trying to teach myself the software though, and this is the largest and most complicated thing I have ever designed. 

Total cost was roughly $1300 and it took up about 450 hours of fun (aka labor). 
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Step 1: You are probably too short.

Picture of You are probably too short.
Odds are you're not 7ft tall. The completed costume, built to the scale I used, is 7ft tall. You are going to need stilts. I made mine out of PVC, wood and some old shoes.

Step 2: Pepakura Patterns and Foam

Picture of Pepakura Patterns and Foam
The suit is made of foam and uses pepakura patterns First you are going to need pepakura patterns. The ones I used can be found here:

The foam I used can be found here. You will need 6 sheets 1/2" thick foam, measuring 72"x48" each!

Print out the templates, transfer them to the foam and get cutting! Use a SHARP knife. Replace the blade often or sharpen it as you go. Work clean though. A little care now saves you clean up later.
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Lwils7 days ago

What kind of caulk did you use to fill the seams?

looking for the pep files....

lj.schulz1 month ago

G'Day.....quick question, do have or know where i can find Gears of War pdo's, Ive tried RFP and both 405 and 501.


Jobar0071 year ago
Your powerfist is exactly what I was thinking should be done for one. I'm glad to see that someone made it a reality. I, for one, would like to see an Instructable on that if you documented it!
gsterley (author)  Jobar0071 year ago
For now you can follow the link to my build thread on the I have detailed progress pictures there as well as video updates on my youtube channel.
gsterley (author)  gsterley1 year ago
I will try and post an instrucatable on the Power fist itself soon!
That's the part I want to see. I will be waiting with bated breath.
gsterley (author)  bookmunkie1 month ago

The power fist instructable is now up!

This would be of GREAT help. Thanks agian for sharing all the info you have on the Crusade Forums. Very helpful even as such!

can't wait for the Power Fist Instrucatable. Great job on the Space Marine.

buffy.irwin.74 months ago

do you have any video that you can add so we can see it actually moving around ?

gsterley (author)  buffy.irwin.71 month ago

There is a good deal of footage on my youtube channel with me walking around at cons. Just search for Gary Sterley on Youtube :)

GarrettM32 months ago
Also does anyone know we're I can get a spray to coat the foam so it does not obsorb paint?

Plasti-Dip, just don't use the spray kind, it'll eat the foam.

gsterley (author)  SammyManny51 month ago

This is true of traditional spray paint. However, the spray on plasti-dip will not melt your EVA foam.

GarrettM32 months ago
I am 14 and I wish to follow these steps to make black Templar armor. Do you know how much this would cost for all of the materials?

Hi there, Love the suit!
I'm making a suit myself using this method and I'm following you on the rpf. I was you changed your design for the stills and I was just wondering what foam you used for the front section?

Thanks for any help :)

jackmaster4 months ago

I love warhammer 40k

ninjanathan4 months ago

me and my brotherinlaws like warhammer and wear going to do this

GrimButler5 months ago

this is amazing

tysonvw5 months ago

liked! also liked the comment below ;)

Bvbbuh5 months ago
Wow... I am so amazed dat I could suck farts out of a seat cushion
kcortesi5 months ago

wow I am speechless! This is just amazing! You are so talented. My son just asked me: "Please tell me you can make that for me?" Lol!

Victor8o55 months ago

Holy cow, that's impressive, no more heresy.

deus ex7 months ago

the heretics won't know what hit em'

ncanfield9 months ago
Congrats on your win at Miami. It was awesome seeing it on heroes of cosplay.
cameron339 months ago
I was watching heroes of cosplay I saw the same exact costume on tv
amulder19 months ago
Wow amazing! The looks on some off the faces in the clip are just priceless!
syke259 months ago

Do you still have the files for this. I checked the rpf and I'm having a lot of trouble getting the files to work. Any suggestions?

ALECIALLEY10 months ago


there is no chance in hell that I could make it but that is awesome! !!

Just a suggestion. Could you give a little more detail on how you made the parts and the frame work on the inside ?? Also how did you do the helmet. Your friend from the Emperor Ethan
mlynch101 year ago
Perfect. One more question. I downloaded the same file you recommended I am ha being a little trouble piecing it together. Partially because my printer does not print the cross hairs in the corners. How do you know if it is correct sizing or if I lost a small portion?
mlynch101 year ago
What did you end up using to cut the foam? My cuts don't seem fluid
gsterley (author)  mlynch101 year ago

A razor of some kind. I used an xacto, a box cutter and some of those clicky disposable razors as well. However they must be SHARP. The sharper the better. I highly recommend a fine sharpening stone. You can greatly improve the lifespan of a blade with a few swipes on the stone once in a while..

bsuch1 year ago
where did you get the PEX tubing from? what sort of thickness is best? and is it costly? (sorry for the multi question)
gsterley (author)  bsuch1 year ago

The PEX tubing is available at home depot. The pipe itself is cheap, but the connectors are expensive. I 3D printed all of my own for this reason.

like your stilts from pvc got to try it on my iron giant, was it easy to walk on?
gsterley (author)  Luis Linares1 year ago

It's not hard, but it takes some getting used to to make it look natural. I get around pretty well, just don't plan on going anywhere in a hurry. Here is a video : cool.
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