This super fun rubber band gatling gun project can be completed in a weekend with inexpensive material and basic tools that most people already have. There are easier ways to make some of these parts using expensive specialized tools, but we tried to make the entire guide more accessible by using basic available tools that anyone can use.

The plans and templates are available for FREE to download on this site, and the method shown in the videos and described in this instructable will make it easy (even for a novice wood worker) to complete this project and start slinging rubber in no time!

The gun can shoot LOTs of rubber bands, the only limiting factor to the number of rubber bands it can hold is how many rubber bands can physically fit on each barrel without slipping off. The limit is very high though, and should be ample ammo to dominate any rubber band gun fight!

There is a process to loading the rubber bands, and it's a little tricky at first, but by watching the video on how to load the rubber band gun, and practicing, you should be able to master the process in no time!

I enjoy making projects like this, and have used CNC machines and a laser cutter for similar projects, but access to those machines can be a problem (I only have access to the laser machine during school semesters). I am entering this into the EPILOG CHALLENGE VI contest (among others) and hope to win a personal laser machine to produce more fun projects like this one. If you like this project, PLEASE VOTE FOR ME!

Step 1: Required Tools

You will need the following tools to make this rubber band gatling gun:

  • Hand Drill - We did this all with a hand drill, but if you have access to a drill press, it will probably be even easier (but not required).
  • Drill Bits (1/4", 5/8" and 3/4") - You will use these with the above mentioned drill. For the most part we used Spade bits, but that is just because they are cheap and come in lots of different sizes. Also, if you have access to a hole saw bit for your drill, the 2" spacers and 4" barrel rotors would be much easier to cut out, but again, you don't need those specialized bits, we will show you how to do it without those.
  • Jig Saw - This is to cut out the shapes of the gun parts, and we also used it to cut some of the dowels and other odds and ends. You could also use a scroll saw if you have access to that (it would probably be easier), but again it's not required, a simple jig saw will work fine (will want a nice wood fine cut blade for it to ensure the cleanest cuts).
  • Wood glue - We just got a bottle of standard wood glue, nothing special required, just a good quality glue that will hold together and dry in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Sand Paper - We just bought a pack of 200 grit sand paper, and we still had quite a few sheets left over after the project was finished. If you have access to disc sanders, electric sanders, radial sanders, or belt sanders it will save you some time, but if you have enough patience, hand sanding the pieces is not bad at all.
  • Rubber Bands - As you will see in the video, I used rubber bands to hold the barrel together while I was gluing it together (I thought it was very fitting :). If you have an assortment of clamps and vices, they may make assembly easier, but they are definitely not required. If you're building a rubber band Gatling gun, chances are you have a few rubber bands lying around anyways :)
  • Tooth picks - I use tooth picks to help apply the glue when assembling the gun, but they are just a personal preference. I like them because they are cheap and disposable, and we usually have them on hand. I squirt the glue onto a sheet of paper in a small pool, and then scoop it up with a tooth pick and smear it where it needs to go on the gun. It gives a good even coat and I have lots of control on how much glue I use and where it goes. I know some people prefer a paint brush or other applicators, those should work fine too.
  • Glue stick - You need this to glue the templates to the pine board. Again, nothing fancy required, we use the generic white glue stick that comes in a pack of 3 for a buck. Didn't even use a whole glue stick either. Just has to glue the template down long enough to cut it out. We don't want the glue to be so sticky that we can't sand the paper and glue off of the pieces when we are done.
  • Half Round File (OPTIONAL) - This is just a metal file that has a rounded side to it. This is not required, but it helps with some of the holes to make sure the dowels will spin freely in them. You could use sandpaper, it would just take a little longer, but if you already have a half round file, it may save you some time (When I checked my local hardware store, they had an 8" half round file for $7, probably not worth it just for this project, but if you were going to get one anyways, it's not a bad price to save some time).
  • Hand Saw (OPTIONAL) - I found the hand saw came in handy a few times when I was making quick cuts and adjustments to the dowels. You could easily do the same cuts with a jig saw though, so this is very optional.
<p>I am trying to show this to my boy scouts as a project but like everyone else I can't download it, my email is <a href="mailto:lookingforstuff_1@hotmail.com" rel="nofollow">lookingforstuff_1@hotmail.com</a>, any help would be greatly appreciated. </p>
You should be able to freely download the plans, you don't even need an instructable account to do it. On step three, there are links to the PDF plans, you can either click them and open them up on your computer and then save them, or right click them and save the target as. That is the best way to get the plans. I just tested it in a different browser (that doesn't have them in my cache) and without logging in, and it worked fine, give that a try and I hope the project goes well!<br><br>-Mark
<p>can you email me the patterns. They wouldn't download. My email is nannybevy1962@gmail.com</p>
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<p>yes , i got it</p>
<p>please can you give me the mold (plan)?</p>
<p>Muito interessante!</p><p>J&aacute; imprimi os moldes e vou come&ccedil;ar a fazer. Parab&eacute;ns e obrigado pela postagem!</p><p>Abra&ccedil;os!</p>
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Voc&ecirc; pode me enviar pelo e-mail
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i can't get free plans. can someone please send me them. Thank you,My mail is lars.annette@live.com
Algu&eacute;m pode me ajuda pois n&atilde;o consegui baixa o modelo... Se algu&eacute;m. Tiver sera q poder&aacute; me enviar para email,,. <br>brunomotadosanjosgmail.com. obrigado
<p>I can't get free plans. can someone please send me them. Thank you,My mail is</p><p>billy_kakkianiun@outlook.com</p>
<p>i can't get free plans. can someone please send me them. Thank you,My mail is cida1973@hotmail.com</p>
i can't get free plans. can someone please send me them. Thank you,My mail is hhlin0409@gmail.com
Yes, i got it .
<p>I need to get the plans too / I can't seem to download them.<br>My email address is [[ bigherb38@cox.net ]] thank you, Roger.</p>
Could someone please send the plans to me? My e-mail is sphahn1970@yahoo.com. Thank you in advance.<br>Shane Hahn
Algu&eacute;m pode me ajuda pois n&atilde;o consegui baixa o modelo... Se algu&eacute;m. Tiver sera q poder&aacute; me enviar para email... Lailsonfj@gmail.com. obrigado
Nao consegui baixar o molde ,alguem pode me ajudar
<p>para imprimir, sobe a p&aacute;gina e logo abaixo do titulo tem &quot;Download&quot; e &quot;13 steps&quot;. v&aacute; at&eacute; o 3&ordm; Step que vc encontrar&aacute; 4 documentos em PDF. Imprima todos.</p>
<p>A nice woodwork.</p>
<p>quem nao conseguir imprimir eh so ir no na etapa 3, des&ccedil;a um pouco a pagina e ira encontrar 4 arquivos em pdf, ai eh so clicar e imprimir</p>
<p>na etapa 2 tambem aparecem</p>
works great
<p>Hello, i can't get free plans. can someone please send me them? My mail is mitjanovak12345@gmail.com</p>
<p>They are on step three, just go to step three and the PDFs are free to download on that page. Don't even need an account, you can just download them there for free. Good luck!</p>
<p>Can I download the PDF to free??</p>
<p>Yes, it's free to download, go to step 3 of this instructable and the link to the PDF is there (you don't even need to set up a free account to download it, you can just download it whether you are logged in or not). Good luck!</p>
The extra dowel has a closed brass hook to make a sight.(sorry there is no reply button on iPhone)
<p>nao da pra inprimir os moldes</p>
Como eu enprimo o modelo
<p>its great wapon</p>
<p>Thanks, you should make one!</p>
<p>you know it!</p>
<p>sorry that it took so long to get this to you guys.... it works ok though... I extended the stock</p>
<p>Nice, I made the stock smaller for the template as it fits on most lumber you can find at basic big box hardware stores, but you gun and the one below have extended the stock and it looks fun. Nice job!</p>
i had just used some scrap wood lying around and it seems to work well
<p>What is the extra dowel by the string guides?</p>
<p>you said its free.but its not free are you freaking crazy</p>
<p>If you go to step 3 (https://www.instructables.com/id/Gatling-Rubber-Band-Machine-Gun-Easy-Weekend-Proje/step3/Printing-the-Templates/) you can download the plans for free on that page. I don't think you even have to be logged in, so they really are free. Good luck with your project!</p>
<p>i made it </p>
<p>Nice! I like your mods and paint job. Looks great!</p>

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