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This super fun rubber band gatling gun project can be completed in a weekend with inexpensive material and basic tools that most people already have. There are easier ways to make some of these parts using expensive specialized tools, but we tried to make the entire guide more accessible by using basic available tools that anyone can use.

The plans and templates are available for FREE to download on this site, and the method shown in the videos and described in this instructable will make it easy (even for a novice wood worker) to complete this project and start slinging rubber in no time!

The gun can shoot LOTs of rubber bands, the only limiting factor to the number of rubber bands it can hold is how many rubber bands can physically fit on each barrel without slipping off. The limit is very high though, and should be ample ammo to dominate any rubber band gun fight!

There is a process to loading the rubber bands, and it's a little tricky at first, but by watching the video on how to load the rubber band gun, and practicing, you should be able to master the process in no time!

I enjoy making projects like this, and have used CNC machines and a laser cutter for similar projects, but access to those machines can be a problem (I only have access to the laser machine during school semesters). I am entering this into the EPILOG CHALLENGE VI contest (among others) and hope to win a personal laser machine to produce more fun projects like this one. If you like this project, PLEASE VOTE FOR ME!

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Amazing stuff! Thank you

melarky (author)  davidbarcomb12 days ago


melarky (author) 21 days ago
The templates are on step 3, just click on that step and you can download the free PDFs. Good luck.
c3d4ffa1b221 days ago

How can i download it? Can you send it to my email? If yes, this is my email:

c3d4ffa1b221 days ago

How can i download it? Can you send it to my email? If yes, this is my email:

ShennonP28 days ago

Top, Show.

melarky (author)  ShennonP27 days ago

Glad you liked it!

leoc21 month ago


melarky (author)  leoc227 days ago



ProSoft1 month ago

Where can i find the templates to download?

melarky (author)  ProSoft1 month ago

Go to step 3 of this instructable ( and the PDF templates are near the bottom of that step for download (they are free to download, don't even need an instructable account I think, you can just download them). Good luck.

JM19993 months ago

How many rubber bands can it shoot and at what rate of fire?

melarky (author)  JM19993 months ago

I had over 100 (I think it was around 105) loaded in the video. I could have probably squeezed a few more on, but that is pretty close to capacity. The rate of fire is just as fast as you can wind up the string. You can go as fast or as slow as you like. I haven't done the math, but it doesn't take long to empty the gun if you want to :)

can i use a motor with a button instead of a hand crank??

melarky (author)  BrendanTheSequeira1 month ago

Sure, you would have to modify the design a bit, but it would be a fun way to mod the gun. I have an old drill from Harbor Freight that has a nice little motor on it that I think might work and someday when I have more time I'd like to try something like that. If you do it, make sure and take pics and post them here :)

JM1999 melarky3 months ago


JM1999 JM19993 months ago

I'm glad you are a finalist!

melarky (author)  JM19993 months ago

Me too! :)

billgudule3 months ago
5 hours woodworking :☺
Works fine
melarky (author)  billgudule3 months ago

Nice! It looks great, thanks for posting a pic!

doodlecraft3 months ago

Congrats on your win! :)

melarky (author)  doodlecraft3 months ago

Thanks! I bet you have a closet full of Robot shirts by now ;)

novelchip3 months ago

great idea !

melarky (author)  novelchip3 months ago

Thanks! We've had a lot of fun with it. My 7 year old son got his picture taken with it for our local newspaper, and after we left their office he asked me "Dad, am I famous now?" It's been a blast.

desertsniper3 months ago
I think I'm going to build this soon. I love the design!
melarky (author)  desertsniper3 months ago
Make sure and post a pic of your finished gun, good luck!
iliketrolls3 months ago

Nice videos and instructions! ;)

im trying to decide what would be the best target!

melarky (author)  iliketrolls3 months ago

Can't go wrong with your enemies...but paper plates and cups work nicely too.

hats99944 months ago

Great project, I will consider making this. On a side note, has anyone made one that's easier to load? It's a great gun but it seems to take a while to load.

melarky (author)  hats99944 months ago

Yeah, loading it can be a pain, but it's worth it :)

I saw a kickstarter for a similar gun ( and he has a quick load system that looks neat, but his barrel system is quite a bit different than this one, so I don't think you could adapt it without heavily modifying this design. If anyone figures it out, I hope they post an instructable on it though ;)

DEG4 months ago

Great little project....cut it out, drilled, sanded and glued up in one day....drying now...test fire tomorrow at the range (my

You got my vote also....have a good day...


melarky (author)  DEG4 months ago

Thanks for the vote! Please post pics of your gun when you have a chance, would love to see it!

gwen_g4 months ago
good job! children will love it
melarky (author)  gwen_g4 months ago

I know mine do!

petetgrosswi4 months ago
Thanks I made it and it amazed everyone that saw it they were all like "wow how could you think this up " and I was all like found it online from this awesome dude. Thanks for the templates I really liked having them.
melarky (author)  petetgrosswi4 months ago

Nice, you should take a pic and post it here, I would love to see your finished gun. They are super fun.

ryrego made it!4 months ago

Wow - great design - and I could not have done this without your awesome templates. I used a drill press for pretty much every hole. I never trust my hand drill skills. I spaced out the vertical and horizontal string guides, and it works very nicely. I also found the rubber band ball from Michaels! Loading it is somewhat challenging, but I am getting better.

Note: with great power comes great responsibility: my first loading process resulted in a band hitting my daughter right in the cheek - those things sting!

I used a nylon rope but it needs to be replaced by something better because it gets caught on little splinters here and there. The small dowels do not seem to work for me - when you load, do you push the bands all the way down to them? When I load it, I have to be careful to keep the rubber band on the middle of the rear barrel so that it doesnt slip too high (and shoot off) or too low (and get stuck by the little dowel). Putting the dowels in the center of each barrel might be even better?

P.S. I made TWO - one for me and one for a friend - everyone needs one (a friend and a rubber-band assault weapon - R.A.W.)

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