In this Instructable I'm going to show you how I, in collaboration with my talented wife, went about building my very own real life Gears of War Digger Launcher Replica from start to finish.  Fortunately it will not actually shoot little exploding creatures so you can sleep soundly at night knowing the children will be safe.  Prop building has really taken off in the last few years and more and more people are starting to create there very own versions of digital objects.  Everything from exotic guns to helmets to full blown armor.  Working in the gaming industry, I like to keep the focus of what I build relevant to what I do during the day.  Most of my projects are from various video games that I am a fan of.  As a fair warning, A project like this one is very time consuming so be prepared to put in a lot of hours if you decide to undertake something along these lines.  As with my last project,  there will be a lot of information in here that has a lot of different applications so feel free to experiment.

Choosing a Gears of War gun was a risky choice and there are already several professional replicas on the market.  A Replica company by the name ofTriforce has been making them for awhile now and have created 4 different guns from the Gears of War games.  The quality of there work is extremely high and there props are very impressive.  So the bar was already set very high before I started.  My final product would inevitably be compared to their work.  No pressure.

This instructible should be a great resource for anyone interested in attempting some replica or prop building projects and most of the methods used in here apply to a wide variety of builds.  If you have any questions and would like me to expand on a specific area or idea, please feel free to contact me or leave a comment below. 

So let's get started shall we?

Materials and Tools used are broken down for each section.

Step 1: Lets Get Started!!!!

<p>WOW!!! Amazing</p>
<p>How did you sand the weathered metal paint job without going all the way through the paint? I tried that with a nerf gun. And would always get to the plastic under the paint.</p>
cool but are you gonna make anymore weapons from gears of war 3?
<p>Unlikely. Though new stuff is in the works!</p>
If you made me one I would pay you $750 or more
Sorry I'm not making any more of these.
inspiring. wife's going to kill me.
Congratulations on being a finalist in the Halloween contest!!! Can&rsquo;t wait to see if you win! Good luck!
Wow! Incredible great job! <br>How many hours do you have in this great project! <br> <br>If they come out with a movie, I hope your on the prop list!
This looks great! Ive played all three of the gears games and now i feel like making a replica after seeing your instructable. Who did you contact to get your 3D model?
Another great one =) Lovely
you should make and sell these<br>
Thanks for the compliments everyone. It's amazing to see such positive reactions to this project!
Brilliant item, if only the page would stop bugging i could actualy vote:(
Thanks, and please Keep trying!
Managed to do it by loading this website in Chrome, then going to the comp main page, at least i finaly got my vote in, Good Luck with it man, you deserve it=)
Wow, I've never played any of the Gears series, but this is awesome and stands on it's own!
You two did an amazing job. People at the office (EPIC) really seemed to love it! ;D
I never played Gears of War, but I can appreciate your amazing result! It looks real, not like most replicas, the photo of step 20 is better then an excellent 3d render!
Thats one of the coolest things i've ever seen. And i truly would like to work with you peeps from the game dev industry. Such a shame that Brazil sucks when it comes to games. And i hate soccer.<br><br>Yeah, very impressive prop, thats what i meant!
Amazing work, Very fine detail. The extra steps taken to get those fine details shows the pride you take in your work. Very Nice Job !!!!!!!!!!!!!
AWESOME! (but will it shoot? :) )
I saw your work on Epic's website and on Facebook. You did an amazing job. Just as good, if not better than the GoW replicas made by Triforce. You definatly put a lot of work into making this and I love how detailed it is. I hope you win the contest; you definatly have my vote.
Welp, umm... damn. <br><br>Best gun model ever pretty much. Keep up the good work, etc.
wow!!! excelent work, I want one for me
exelent work, finest details and gorgeous style, very very awesome, this gun reflects the hard hours of work, (Y)
The reason there are no comments is because everyone is speechless about your work! This is a truly amazing project and major credit to you!

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