How do you follow up the Kidnapped Mermaid Costume?
My friend, Pandy627, came up with another great idea for a sexy and impressive costume this year: Genie on a Flying Carpet.

This costume not only looks great, it's also very easy and quick to make. We were able to put the whole thing together in under 4 hours and so can you!
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Step 1: What you"ll need

Picture of What you
October 2010 243.jpg
October 2010 281.jpg

You might be able to find many of these items already in your possession.

From the thrift store or the back of  your closet:
silky pajama pants (you'll need to cut these so pick a pair you won't want to wear again)
-gold shoes
-nylons or tights (doesn't matter if they have holes)
-genie top (we were lucky to have a friend willing to lend her belly dancing top, but a snazzy bra would work just as well)
-gold bling like a belt, bangles and big earrings.

From the dollar store:
-small gravy boat
-clip on pony tail hair piece
-sheet of foam core (you could use cardboard instead)
-coat hanger

From the fabric store:
-magic carpet fabric (you might be able to find an actual carpet to use instead but it will likely be heavier and may not be as easy to work with)
-tassel trim
-cheap black fabric to cover base
-fabric to line the underside of the carpet (we used gold lamé)
-batting and stuffing

From the hardware store:
-chicken wire
-gold spray paint
-casters (only if your walker doesn't already have wheels)
-2 bamboo garden stakes
-duct tape

From craigslist or your parents'/grandparents' garage:
-walker (we were lucky to find an unwanted walker for free but if you can't get a walker a rolling bar cart or anything else that's hip height and on wheels would work)

-wire cutters
-X-Acto knife
-sewing machine (or needle and thread)
-glue gun and glue
-measuring tape or ruler

Step 2: Make your magic carpet

The magic carpet consists of 5 layers:
-carpet fabric (the pretty part people see)
-batting (to smooth out the chicken wire bumps)
-chicken wire (to give it shape)
-foam core or cardboard (for added rigidity)
-lining fabric (in case anyone sees the underside)

Hem your carpet fabric and attach the tassels with a sewing machine or needle and thread.

Cut a piece of chicken wire slightly larger than your carpet fabric. Make sure it's narrow enough to fit through doorways. Using your pliers, fold over the pointy ends of the chicken wire so the final piece is slightly smaller than your fabric. It's a good idea to wear work gloves for this part so you don't cut yourself on the sharp edges.

Measure the hips of the person who will be wearing the costume. On the sheet of foam core or cardboard, trace out an oval the size of their hips. The oval should be centered  towards the back of the sheet of foam core (you can try balancing the foam core on the walker to find the best location). Cut it out.

Cut a piece of batting slightly larger than the chicken wire. Position the foam core on the batting and chicken wire. If the chicken wire will droop down past the ends of the foam core, attach two bamboo poles to hold it up. Cut across the centre of the hole. Fold the edges of the chicken wire and batting down and secure to the foam core with duct tape and hot glue.

Cover the underside (foam core side) with the lining fabric. Fold over the edges like you're wrapping a present and attach with hot glue. Cut across the centre of the hole and attach the flaps to the opposite side with hot glue.

Place the flying carpet on the walker and mark where they meet.  Using wire from the chicken wire, pierce through the carpet assembly on either side of part of the frame of the walker on both handles and the front cross piece. The wire can then be used like a twist tie to easily attach and detach the carpet from the walker.

Cut a piece of black fabric large enough to be a skirt around the walker and hide the costume wearer's legs. Glue the skirt to the underside of the carpet but leave it open in the back so it is easy to crawl in and out.

Attach the carpet fabric with hot glue around the edges. To ensure it is smooth and even, work in sections and after gluing down one section, move to the opposite side. Cut across the centre of the hole and attach the flaps to the inside.

Step 3: Fake the legs

Fill the nylons with stuffing.

Cut or snap a wire coat hanger in half and insert one piece into the centre of each stuffed leg. The wire will be the leg "bones" with the bend forming the knee.

Using the remaining foam core from the hole in the carpet, cut out  and fold two pieces to hold up the knees. Attach to the legs with duct tape.

Glue the pajama pants to the carpet around the edges of the hole. Cut out the centre. Save the scraps of fabric to use later.

Put the legs through the pants and glue the feet into the shoes. Cross the legs and glue the shoes to the carpet.

Step 4: Final touches

Picture of Final touches
October 2010 295.jpg
October 2010 302.jpg

Spray paint the gravy boat gold to make a magic lamp for the genie. Attach it to the carpet with glue.

Use scraps from the tassel trim and pants to make a head piece to go around the clip on pony tail. I used snaps, but a simple ring would work.

Step 5: Party time!

Picture of Party time!
October 2010 550.jpg
October 2010 571.jpg
October 2010 549.jpg

Time to get all dolled up and hit the town!

To get in and out of the costume without messing up your hair, try using a scarf over your head.
pauljason182 months ago

this costume is really good

gravityisweak9 months ago

Awesome costume! On another note, you may have accidentally discovered that putting stuffing in nylons creates some disgusting looking fake legs. Haha!

laith mohamed9 months ago

Amazing costume and good work

oldhamedia1 year ago
That's great! I've done one similar for a mermaid costume! PVC pipes and caster work if you can't find a walker or cart!
MethylPox3 years ago
Your costumes are great, and you're just so darned pretty too!
cool costume but kind of freaky.... the folded legs freak me out for some reason makes me think you're a four legged human
Woodenbikes4 years ago
Great idea and instructable!
It inspires me to want to make a Flying Carpet Bicycle. More for the rider/flyer's entertainment.
Playa2ne4 years ago
I love it! LOL
Bad Maxx4 years ago
Short of an actual flying carpet this is the best idea I have seen in a long time! Just a wonderfully simple to build, and very well explain Instructable!
Great Job!
This is so clever, I love it!
eschneck4 years ago
Wow! Would you grant me 3 wishes? ;) LOL
susanelm4 years ago
Really awesome idea and construct ! I was thinking that your idea might be modified using an electric wheelchair. I have a friend who is wheelchair bound and this just may be the greatest costume ever for her. Anyway....I'll have a whole year to work on it!

Thanks for posting!
ModMischief (author)  susanelm4 years ago
I think this is a great costume for someone with mobility problems. I would love to see this costume altered to accomodate a wheelchair.
It's been done! See the Bridge School costumes in San Francisco...


If you go up a level, they have a ton of other wheelchair-based costumes that'll knock your socks off...
What a clever costume design. Great stuff.
Probably great for costume contests but lousy for trick r treating.
ModMischief (author)  Treasure Tabby4 years ago
Where we live it's too cold to wear this trick or treating, but I think the costume could be modified to work for little Jasmines or Aladins.

To make it easier to climb up the steps to everyone's front door you could use shoulder straps to hold up the carpet instead of a walker.
I've seen the skimpiest outfits on halloween night and it was like 20-something Fahrenheit outside... It's ridiculous, I agree... but still...
darkbudda4 years ago
Please say the genie comes with it !!!!
skipernicus4 years ago
You are so awesome.
locksmiths4 years ago
Nice Arabic Carpet.
justjimAZ4 years ago
Great costume! Great model too!
ander4 years ago
Don't forget the fishing line and helicopter, for the "flying" part.
makendo4 years ago
Brilliant costume, really effective!