Ghastly Grins





Introduction: Ghastly Grins

It only takes a moment to compose these ghastly grins with peanut butter and apples.

Like a Cheshire Cat's smile, these ghosties have disappeared, leaving only their mysterious grins behind! What can you do but devour them?

Step 1: Ingredients

It only takes
  • apples
  • peanut butter (smooth is best)
  • mini marshmallows or white chocolate chips
to compose these toothsome treats!

Step 2: Assembly

Slice and core your apples.

Spread one side of each slice with peanut butter.

Top with teeth and sandwich together.

Step 3: Grin & Bear It

It's time to show off your ghastliest grins.

Have fun with different arrangement of teeth or by carving lip shapes.



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    Definitely worth a try, but think my kids would be better off w yogurt drop teeth, and maybe one or two chocolate chips for kid ewww factor. Thanks for the instructable!

    Wait- is peanut butter meant to be sweet? The one that I've always eaten is salty O.O

    lol... GROSS-FUNNY... but TASTY, I'm sure!

    Sooooo. I wasnt the only one?

    Kinda, ants on a log is sick. this looks like it tastes pretty bad too.


    To freshen breathe, you could use mints instead of marshmallows/chocolates.

    I made these last year (posted that I used cinnamon spread or strawberry cream cheese in place of PB due to school rules) but recently discovered "SCHOOL SAFE" Soybutter, which looks AND tastes like PB. Hopefully get a chance to make them for another school party!


    This was perfect for my Halloween picnic with husband #1.  While I didn't have mm's, I substituted with walnut pieces.  Realistic(?)  Yummy(!)

    Good luck in the contest!