One thing that a lot of people are afraid of is spiders. So spider webs make great decorations for Halloween. This year, I am making giant spider webs to decorate the trees around my house. These are really easy to make and all you need to make them is a role of regular plastic shrink wrap.

Step 1: Watch the Video

Here is a video walkthrough of the project.

<p>this isnt useful</p>
‚ÄčFantastic idea! This I will definitely use. Thank you!
Very cool idea! And I did not know that regular old plastic wrap could be shrink wrap, good to know. Thank you for sharing.<br>(And you look a tiny bit like my younger brother, lol, that's cool :-)
<p>So easy to make! Thank you very much for sharing how to do this.</p>
That is so cool. I'd love to do it.
<p>Wow! It look super cool!</p>
<p>Very cool! good job.</p>
This project was super easy and looked great! All of my neighbors wanted to know who did it for me! Thank you!
<p>Awesome! That looks amazing. I am glad you liked it.</p>
Turned out amazing!
<p>Awesome! Looks great, especially with the spider prop.</p>
<p>wow so simple but so efective i love it</p>
Great job, it was not to hard. the key is a sharp blade!! thank you
<p>That looks great.</p>
<p>This was one of the easiest things I've done for Halloween and It <br>looks AWESOME. Not having a lot of trees, I used tent stakes in the <br>grass to attach to and, those little plastic chirstmas light hangers to <br>attach to the house.</p>
<p>That looks great.</p>
<p>Thanks for the &quot;goodies.&quot; It will be used.</p>
Wow! This really looks real!!
And all it takes is a $2 roll of plastic wrap.
<p>Is it really shrink wrap or does regular cling wrap (i.e., Saran Wrap) work? </p>
<p>They are the same thing</p>
<p>Great! Thanks so much!</p>
this is really cool
Very ingenious, would never have thought of using clingfilm as a construction material! Looks great.
<p>Nice. And weird. Good idea to use the shrink wrap. Maybe you could add some prey, like a half wrapped doll.</p>

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