Picture of Giant Toy Tank DJ Booth
We (Instructable member seanmichaelhunt ) and I were contracted by a Chicago event promoter to create a tank/DJ booth for their "Paint Wars" event in Milwaukee, WI. Originally it was designed to shoot fluorescent tempera paint 30-50' from the end, along with confetti and CO2 blasts. It was no small feat designing a system to effectively do all of that via one tank gun, and It came with a very large price tag. Budget constraints resulted in a tank with a UV laser effect. Entirely in fluorescent colors, it is especially super-vivid in person when hit with UV light. The front treads have a chasing effect to create the illusion of motion. We think it looks like a big children's toy, perfect since the people attending an event where you're hit with paint the whole night are still children.

Another challenge to this project was that it had to contain a functioning DJ booth, which was a greater obstacle when more significant effects were involved and had to be isolated from the DJ. Also, that it had to be assembled in a manner which could collapse into a cargo van, which was a minor miracle. Here's how we went about creating this fun prop:


I have DJ'd in some crazy booths but this booth is insane I would have the time of my life in this. #amazing job

davidandora (author)  janderson sílva1 year ago

Thanks for the compliment! I only heard good things from the DJ's who used this. I'm sure it's fun.

So much more creative and fun than the standard giant LED lit cubes or geometric shapes (not to disparage the work that it takes to create those or anything... but after being to hundreds of 'parties' throughout the years, something new like this is appreciated). Good job!
davidandora (author)  thirtytwoutside1 year ago

Thanks for the compliment! I'm not sure we would have come up with this if not for the client's request for their "Paint Wars" events. It definitely was the centerpiece for their parties. Always happier to try something new. Thanks for the compliments!

Nicapizza1 year ago

As a DJ and Tank lover, I must say this is amazing.

davidandora (author)  Nicapizza1 year ago

Thanks a bunch! Glad you liked it.

wilgubeast1 year ago
This is awesome. The image notes really help if you're reading this with an eye to recreate it. Otherwise, I bet the paint enthusiasts had a great time. Nothing says fun like a giant tank.
davidandora (author)  wilgubeast1 year ago
We were asked to build another for a different client. (Why does everyone want to do the same thing as everyone else?) The cost was more than they wanted to spend, so it's possible someone may actually build this or be inspired for something similar. I knew the cost for this to shoot paint was going to be prohibitive for our client, but a little disappointed that we didn't get to build THAT version! The (paint, confetti and CO2 blasting) turret would have rotated as well, all while being isolated from the DJ equipment. Engineering that was a considerable feat for us. Thanks for the nice comment!