I made this hammer for Elf Fantasy Fair, for my dwarf costume, but it can also be used for a Halloween costume, of course. It's pretty huge, but since it's made mostly from styrofoam, it's lighter than you would expect. I carried it around all day, and it was doable.

The materials you need:
- Styrofoam slabs, 2 cm thick
- PVC tube, a coupler and T-section
- PVC glue
- Hot wire cutter
- Acrylic resin (2-component system)
- Felt, black and blue
- Thin cork sheet (for wrapping the handle)
- All purpose glue
- Liquid nails
- Acrylic paint

Step 1: Getting Started

The hammer is made by glueing pieces of styrofoam together, and then coating it with acrylic resin. I used acrylic resin because this is water based and doesn't damage the styrofoam. For strength, the hammer head is built around a section of PVC pipe that is attached to the handle (wich is also made from PVC pipe).

Cutting the styrofoam is done with a hot wire cutter. This is a perfect tool for cutting styrofoam without making a huge mess. Mine can be powered by batteries or an external power supply. I have an adjustable lab power supply, and this is the perfect solution for using with a hotwire cutter, because it gives you a bit of control over the temperature.

I glued everything together with liquid nails. Make sure it works on polystyrene, of course!
That's some beautiful work. :) You inspired me to build my own, (albeit less intricate) Gigantic Warhammer to use as part of my Halloween costume this year, so thanks!<br> <br> <a href="http://jimter.net/the-hammer-of-doom-building-a-gigantic-warhammer/" rel="nofollow">http://jimter.net/the-hammer-of-doom-building-a-gigantic-warhammer/<br> <br> </a>&nbsp;&nbsp;
COOOOOLLLLL!!! I have an original character (OC) named Bianca who wields a cartoon hammer/mallet of similar size. Can the design be altered to fit a different character like her, for example?
I will post my hammer, camping foam and duct tape so its useable and durable. sadly it wont be an instructable, just a collection of weapons i made. Looks great!
Great job! A very impressing result.

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