Picture of Girl Boba Fett Costume
Steps to making a Girl Boba Fett costume.
Knee pads
Shoulder pad
Fashion dress gloves
All items were purchased at Walmart unless stated.
Items for helmet needed
110lb weight cardstock $4.96
Super glue (Locite) brand $3.99 each
Fiberglass sheets $4.55
Fiberglass resin $10.95
Bondo body filler $11.95
Green canvas pants $25.00
Toy gun with holster (optional)
Fabric dye $2.59 each
Standard Set of 6 primary Acrylic colors Yellow, red, green, blue, white and black paint with a small brush.
Spray Paint need Automotive Chrome, Olive, Tan/Brown and White base coat. $5 bucks each
Sand paper (automotive sandpaper level 1, medium 120) $3.56
Metal file for smoothing - any hardware store, I found at pawn shop for 5 bucks
Masks and gloves – Dollar store items
Masking tape – Dollar store item.
Black boots – Already owned.
Black fashion gloves found at Halloween costume shops (already owned).

Three belts to make the belt with holster the $2 bucks a piece at a second hand store.
3 Knee pads – (to use both knees and one to use for a shoulder pad) $2 bucks purchased from second hand store
Cardboard – taken from the recycling bin from my work.

Unique items you’ll have to get online.
Face-shield $5.67 w/ shipping From (http://www.rjsafety.com/hp3.html) it’s the dark green polycarbonate face shield. Item # HF4178D

Green corset $29.95 Ebay seller PinkcloudsLA sells lots of sexy lacy corset type shirts that look kind of military and steampunk style for reasonable prices.

$98 estimate. Not including already owned items of boots, pants, acrylic paints and fashion gloves.

The helmet is the most complicated, time consuming and expensive part of this outfit if you just want to go the easy route just buy a toy version of the helmet or really expensive replica model online. If It that’s the case Skip steps 1 - 8 and learn how to do the rest of the outfit
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DaYodadude24 days ago
The helmets a bit big, but it looks good vod.
richb777 months ago

Should really change the title to "Bobba FIT" ;)

SteveJohnBob9 months ago
That's So Cool!
P.S: Bobba Fett was a kiwi! GO NZ!!!

Wow, thats so cool you really captured fetts style while incorporating it into the female form good job.

belcher124 (author)  TheCommander1 year ago

Thanks for the support

Tystikone1 year ago

You're so awesome, outfit looks great!

Tex Arcana1 year ago
"Bobette Fett"?? ;-)

I'll be following your exploits with great interest... ;-P

baspazz1 year ago
That is Boba Fetts sister Booba Fett ^_^ sry could not resist
jaxson71 year ago
You sexy what to go out
Great looking build. One suggestion I have is: when painting bright yellows onto just about anything, especially black surfaces, a light brown undercoat will give you a stronger, richer yellow without as many layers of yellow paint. This way the paint layer is thinner in the end and details will stand out.
belcher124 (author)  Beschaulicheit1 year ago
Great suggestion, it was all a trial run on this build. Will keep in mind for whatever is next :D
Bill WW1 year ago
Trick or treat at my house?
belcher124 (author)  Bill WW1 year ago
Thanks for the invite ;)
jackOrip1 year ago
Where were all the gorgeous and sexy women (who liked Star Wars) when I went to college?!? Great instructable and I hope there are more costumes you care to share in the future. Also, I would be remiss not to say I have stared at your profile pic more than is proper or decent. I apologize, sorta. :)

Seriously, keep up the great work and with that figure you should consider Lara Croft. You could probably pull it off quite well.
belcher124 (author)  jackOrip1 year ago
Apology accepted. Great idea on the Lara Croft. Halloween needs more bad asses like Lara!
WOW a hot Boba Fett! this is awesome!
richb771 year ago
@slimguy. Gotta be the fit girl hasnt it ;)
Hecate1 year ago
This is a really nice idea!!
You look so sexy and pretty!!
Ray Jr1 year ago
Nice! Thats a pin up picture there. Wheeeet whoooooo!!
cowcrusher1 year ago
To quote the Animaniacs, "Helloooo Nurse!"
Seriously, great job...definitely got my vote
.ladies, ingenuity like this means a lot to guys (geeky or not)
aleguiza2 years ago
Hermosos pechos!!!!!
Que buenas tetas que tiene jaja
mxecho1 year ago
Bobagirl? Cool!
OT43 years ago
Sweet costume. If i ws a girl id make that right away. (Nice profile pic btw. Lol)
sybergato3 years ago
Ummm, WOW! Your awesome, I just had to say that. ;)
kretzlord3 years ago
not to detract from the awesomeness of the costume, but this world needs more bombshell makers like yourself. Thank you for making boba fette confuse me in ways i didn't think possible lol ;)
belcher124 (author)  kretzlord3 years ago
Thanks kretzlord. it takes a special type of girl to hunt rebel scum.
If the Empire had you as a poster girl, there wouldn't be a rebellion :)
anyoldmouse3 years ago
Instead of "Girl Boba Fett", how about "Boba Femme"?...just a thought. Will share this with my Star Wars buddies.
mrclueless3 years ago
jjose123 years ago
belcher124 (author) 3 years ago
First Halloween Party of the season and the outfit was a huge hit. More photos coming soon. Thanks for all your cute comments, keep it up. and make sure to vote for me.
belcher124 (author)  belcher1243 years ago
Here's a link to build the gun.
Link text
seanloper3 years ago
lol noticed the missing belt myself
seanloper3 years ago
pretty clever
I think my 5 yr old has fallen in love.
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