Picture of Give Those Old Desk Chairs New Life!
When we moved into our new house, my boyfriend and I made it a top priority to give ourselves a studio space where we could work on projects in our spare time. We're both always looking for innovative ways to get exactly what we want using as little money as possible, and with this in mind we spent tons of time creating the perfect layout, custom building corner desks and laying repurposed hardwood flooring.

While making our ideal studio space, I stared at our old desk chairs in dismay. While they worked perfectly well, the scratchy, ugly brown fabric that they were upholstered with was simply unacceptable in our new, beautiful space. I decided that we needed to reupholster them, and after a quick trip to the fabric store and a few hours with a staple gun, we had a pair of brand new desk chairs for about five bucks! It was super quick, easy, and entirely transformed our studio.

Here's how to do it...
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Step 1: Materials You'll Need

Picture of Materials You'll Need
–Old desk chair[s]
–Fabric. (Ours took about ½ yard per chair, but measure the hight and width of your backrest and seat cushions, adding 4” to each side to be sure you have enough to wrap around them)
–Screwdriver (philips or flathead depending on your chair's assembly components)
–Staple gun
–Extra pair of hands (you'll need help stretching and holding the fabric)


RosemaryB11 month ago

Good job! It might have been more honest if you'd said you had a pneumatic stapler which makes the job so much easier but then you'd have to tell people to buy a 200 dollar compressor and a 100 dollar staple gun. In any event you MIGHT be able to get similar results with a hand stapler and a buncha blisters. But the chairs look pretty good!

JadeM1 made it!8 months ago

Thanks for a really detailed tutorial. It gave me the confidence to have a go myself.

poofrabbit1 year ago
Hey congratulations on being a finalist in the weekend projects contest!
Thanks so much. Very simple instructions.
TossManual1 year ago
Good job! Now if one could only 'reupholster' those high density foam arms. Mine have started to crumble after only a coupla years. :(
like these replacement arms?
Well, yeah, but I was kinda thinking of a DIY option, here on Instructables. 8|
Now this is a handy idea!
broregret1 year ago
Will this work on my Aeron?
cutekitten1 year ago
love it
LOVE THIS! Have been meaning to do it, but was afraid of how much time it would take. I am so tackling this now! THANKS for posting this. Totally inspired!
zkerzner1 year ago
As soon as my mom read this, she got up and did it!( not literally, but you get the point!)
cybercapri1 year ago
Well done, what a cleaver way to re-purpose an old chair....
Wow. I never would have thought of reupholstering an office chair. Fantastic idea! Thanks for the great pics.