Picture of Givi Motorcycle Trunk LED Mod
My motorcycle has a Givi model E52 trunk that has integral brake lights to augment the bike's existing brake lights. The E52 uses 12 incandescent bulbs that take quite a bit of power (on the order of 10 to 15 Amps). By replacing these incandescent bulbs with LEDs I was able to reduce the current requirement to about 50 mA. There is much less heat generated which is better for the plastic case and the LEDs will have a very long lifetime when compared to the life of incandescent bulbs.
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Step 1: Project Tools and Supplies

Picture of Project Tools and Supplies
For this project you will need:

1) A philips screwdriver
2) A soldering iron and solder
3) An Xacto hobby knife (for cutting circuit board traces)
4) 12 x Red LED -- high-brightness (e.g. Digikey Part # 160-1620-ND)
5) 2 x 50 Ohm resistors
6) A motorcycle or scooter with Givi E52 installed (not shown here ;-)

Optional but very handy to have:

7) circuit board vice (a third hand)
8) digital multimeter (DMM) useful if debugging is needed

Step 2: Remove the Diffusers

Picture of Remove the Diffusers
First remove the two plastic lamp cover/diffuser. There are 2 screws holding each diffuser (4 screws altogether).

Step 3: Case with Diffusers Removed

Picture of Case with Diffusers Removed
Here's what the trunk looks like with both diffusers removed.

Step 4: Reflector Front Close-Up

Picture of Reflector Front Close-Up
Here's a close-up of one of the reflectors showing the 6 incandescent bulbs.

Step 5: Disassemble Reflector

Picture of Disassemble Reflector
And here's the back of one of the reflectors showing the circuit board that holds the bulbs. We will be modifying this circuit board to accept LEDs.

Step 6: Original Circuit Schematic

Picture of Original Circuit Schematic
Here's the original circuit.

Step 7: LED Circuit Schematic

Picture of LED Circuit Schematic
Here's the new circuit. We will modify the old circuit board to implement this circuit.

The LEDs that I used have a forward drop of 1.8V, so 6 of them is 10.8V leaving 1.2V across the resistor. A 50 Ohm load resistor results in 24 mA (=1.2/50) of forward current in the LEDs. For higher brightness, use a lower resistor value, but be careful not to exceed the LED's forward current rating.

omardante4 years ago
esto ultimo haganlo en paralelo cada led con su resistencia independiente ya que si uno se daña dejan de funcionar varios, ademas los de el centro no iluminan igual que los de las orillas.
gsteely5 years ago
Thanks very much for sharing this mod. I had seen it back in May'09 and passed it on to my Yamaha Zuma friends (a few guys are using the Givi boxes). I haven't seen anyone use your mod. yet but, the opportunity to post this again to them has come up ... We, as a group of scoot riders are always interested in MODs & GADGETS !! !! ...
lemonie6 years ago
Nice build. How does the brightness compare? L
scd (author)  lemonie6 years ago
These LEDs are quite bright, maybe even brighter than the bulbs they replaced. They are more directional, but I think that's OK for this application.
theRIAA6 years ago
great idea. what program did you use to make those schematics?
scd (author)  theRIAA6 years ago
I would recommend using Eagle CAD. There is a free version available here:

There is also an Instructable on using Eagle CAD here: