Picture of Glow In The Dark House Numbers
House numbers are sometimes hard to see at night, but this project ensures that the pizza will never be delayed again. Plus, it looks really eerie. I cut numbers out of thin plywood and made a hanger for them out of wire. I wanted to be able to bring the numbers into the house for a quick charge.  

I had these items on hand:
glow paint (Glow Inc., V10 water base)
spray paint, flat white & flat black
1/4" plywood

Step 1: Patterning

Picture of Patterning
 I found a font that was close to what I wanted, then used a pencil and an ink pen to "fix" a few

things. The bowling ball. Is awesome. Thank you muse. (pic1) 
mr_step4 years ago
Why not get one of those LED garden lamps and replace the standard LED with a blue/UV LED? Point that at the glow in the dark/flouro numbers and you won't need to bring them in to charge them up.
dreamberry (author)  mr_step4 years ago
While making this I noticed that regular printer paper glows Crazy Bright under UV, so I found on ebay a 6 bulb UV tube for my next house number project. I also think the bigger letters the better, 6" at least, next time.
vishalapr4 years ago
Wohoho this is amazing!5* really awsome!Mind blowing!!!!!!Definitely going to give this a try!If I could actually make it!
dreamberry (author)  vishalapr4 years ago
The paint is the main deal. You could just paint up some store bought numbers, and mount them on a small board. I spent all the money on paint, which I still have oodles of. Oodles. I bought a half pint from GlowInc., and this project barely made a dent in it. Thanks!
siafulinux4 years ago
Nice! Wish more people would do something like this; helps responders looking for a home when/if it's necessary.

Excellent job.
dreamberry (author)  siafulinux4 years ago
I was only thinking of pizza when I did this, but that is an excellent point! Thank you!