House numbers are sometimes hard to see at night, but this project ensures that the pizza will never be delayed again. Plus, it looks really eerie. I cut numbers out of thin plywood and made a hanger for them out of wire. I wanted to be able to bring the numbers into the house for a quick charge.  

I had these items on hand:
glow paint (Glow Inc., V10 water base)
spray paint, flat white & flat black
1/4" plywood

Step 1: Patterning

 I found a font that was close to what I wanted, then used a pencil and an ink pen to "fix" a few

things. The bowling ball. Is awesome. Thank you muse. (pic1) 
Why not get one of those LED garden lamps and replace the standard LED with a blue/UV LED? Point that at the glow in the dark/flouro numbers and you won't need to bring them in to charge them up.
While making this I noticed that regular printer paper glows Crazy Bright under UV, so I found on ebay a 6 bulb UV tube for my next house number project. I also think the bigger letters the better, 6" at least, next time.
Wohoho this is amazing!5* really awsome!Mind blowing!!!!!!Definitely going to give this a try!If I could actually make it!
The paint is the main deal. You could just paint up some store bought numbers, and mount them on a small board. I spent all the money on paint, which I still have oodles of. Oodles. I bought a half pint from GlowInc., and this project barely made a dent in it. Thanks!
Nice! Wish more people would do something like this; helps responders looking for a home when/if it's necessary. <br> <br>Excellent job.
I was only thinking of pizza when I did this, but that is an excellent point! Thank you!

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