GoPro clamp-mount for multiple angles with one camera (great for cycling!)

Picture of GoPro clamp-mount for multiple angles with one camera (great for cycling!)
Why I needed it
GoPro videos get terribly boring when shot from one perspective only. When I decided to tackle my first two day mountain bike race, over what promised to be interesting terrain, I knew that I wanted to try and document it. Unfortunately, none of the official GoPro mounts are suitable for adjusting during a race. Without multiple cameras you are stuck with one boring shot for the whole race.

Why the world needs it
Because YouTube really doesn't need any more 15-minutes-of-my-handle-bars GoPro clips. Please!

My Design Goals
Must be easy to change perspective
Must be stable
Must be cheap

Step 1: Parts and Tools

Picture of Parts and Tools
Parts needed
Hardware Store Spring Clamp (I chose 100mm)
M5 Bolt and nut (smaller is ok, so long as it is long enough to go through the width of the clamp)
Straight GoPro Mount arm (If you ever bought a spare mount you should have 2 of these)
Epoxy (optional)

Tools Needed
Measuring Device (Ruler/Vernier)
Maker of 3mm Holes (I used a Dremel with a 3mm bit, but Electric Drill/Hand Drill/Laser Vision will work just as well)
Spanner (to fit the nut you chose)
Something sharp (pin or blade) to make marks in the plastic
divxpa1 year ago

This is a great idea! Awsome mount!

brasileiro2 years ago
quero comparar, estes produtos aqui no brasil
woody_alex3 years ago
I had the same idea, but I use it on telescope bar to inspect the ground of my garden pond.
claudiorox3 years ago
You're the best! Thank you for this great guide. I spent around € 2. Now I can take pictures amazing. Just you build something new let me know: D
ossum (author)  claudiorox3 years ago
I'm glad I could help :-) Thanks for showing me yours, thats awesome! I see you are using two right-angle mounts, if you can get away with one straight one you should get less vibration.

Let me know when you post any videos with it.
This is my video. I hope you like it :D
tkgat0r13 years ago
Touch the lense cover with some RainX so the water will bead up and roll off.
ossum (author)  tkgat0r13 years ago
Thanks, I have heard this suggestion before and I think It's a good one, I definitely need to try and get hold of some.