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Introduction: Google Play Store and YouTube No Connection Fix 2015 Androd

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This is the guaranteed to work solution for the issue in which both Google play store and YouTube show no connection errors even though you have a fine internet.connection.
Sid Jr.

Step 1: Download ROOT Explorer Apk - Safe Link

1: First go to internet explorer and download ROOT EXPLORER APK.
[Can be downloaded @: "" - no viruses!

Step 2: Go to Beginning Folder

2: Once downloaded, click open and go as far back in the folders as you can.

Step 3: Open "ect"

3: Once all the way back, scroll down to the folder "etc" and open it.

Step 4: RW to RO

4: Up at top where it says "mount r/w" click on it until it says "mount r/o".

Step 5: Scroll and Click on "hosts"

5: Next scroll down until you see "hosts" folder and click on it.

Step 6: Open Text Editer

6: Once in "hosts" folder, click on "text editer".

Step 7: Check Ip Page

7: Make sure you are on a text file that has two ip addresses. One in first line is "" and the other one the for the second line is "".

Step 8: The FIX!

8: For the fix you must edit this second ip address located on the second line. The edit is easy, all you have to do is simply put a "#" or pound sign in front of the ip address.

[Will look like this:

Instead of:


Step 9: Save and It Works!

9: Now save the edited file and both "youtube", and "Google play services" will be fixed.

Step 10: Credits Go To:

Thank You and Your Welcome!!!

Written by: Zimmer from the 360
Credits go to:
Sid Jr.
- Sids YouTube video can be found at this link:

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This didnt work for me, maybe i didnt edit the right file but considering i followed your steps i dont understand. I honestly believe this is the cause from market unlocker, i know you wont be able to help with that. I used market unlocker, then before i returned my device back to its original service i deleted the app (dumb) Thats when i was no longer able to load the play store or youtube. It says theres no internet connection which there is obviously since im commenting on this trying to figure it out. I was able to restore my phone to its original service but it has not fixed my connection issue and im frustrated i cant find anything that works :( instead of having two ip addresses i only have one in the hosts file. Line two had something involving lucky patcher and ads, i added the second ip address in the second line in place of the other stuff written there. Still nothing. Im avoiding having to factory reset my phone, its rooted and has a lot of memories on it even if i can back up my files.

The file is too big for me to view fully in the text editor and only shows part of it. I also only have one ip address that shows when i open the host file but i followed your steps so im not sure what i did wrong

Its works 100%....

Thankyou very much it worked for me

Really it works,loved it thanks for help.....

This worked perfect! That line was found at the bottom of a long string (ad blocker) and also works with Windows machines. Well done.

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Awesome. Yea took me a while to figure it out back in the day but i'm glad its still relevant!!

Thanks for the kind words.

Make sure your adaway osbup to date. If its outdated it will cause this problem.

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You can simply download host editor somewhere.. open it.. and delete others than local host. That did the fix for me as the above is not working

Your article was very poignant and understandable. It helped me to understand very clearly.Thanks for deliver this useful knowledge.

To give your mind relax. And see this video for enjoyment .thhanks.

Mine was a root issue. What I finally figured out kinda by accident is I had to download an app that allows you to Bluetooth apps (onto a phone that Google play works on). I used APK extractor. Then I bluetoothed an updated version of Google play and Google play services over to the non working phone. That was all it took. It's been working ever since. Hope that helps someone.