Gorgeous and Warm: Hooded Capes & Cloaks!

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Picture of Gorgeous and Warm: Hooded Capes & Cloaks!
Belle's belle traveling cape capelet beauty and the beast once upon a time cosplay costume dress up winter warm sew an easy robe gorgeous (2).JPG
Belle's belle traveling cape capelet beauty and the beast once upon a time cosplay costume dress up winter warm sew an easy robe gorgeous (3).JPG
nat cape squared doodlecraft.jpg
silver robe cape.jpg
Capes or cloaks are amazing!
They can be formal and classy, they can be rugged and not much more than a poncho.
They are easy to make and make a statement--
Great for costumes, fancy dresses or keeping warm!

We've been watching 'Once Upon a Time'...any other mildly obsessed fans out there?
When we first met Belle, we loved her!
We love her awesome accent too!
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Step 1: Tangent about Belle...

Picture of Tangent about Belle...
once upon a time BELLE robe traveling cape celtic knot clasp  rumpelstiltskin regina evil queen costume (5).jpg
once upon a time BELLE robe traveling cape celtic knot clasp  rumpelstiltskin regina evil queen costume (6).jpg
Belle decides to travel to the village...and this is what she wears.
At this moment of the show...I froze.
I paused the show.
I ran to my craft room and dug through my old material...identical!
I had purchased this fabric at a yard sale years ago for around $1.
It's a thick, almost upholstery material with some glimmer.

I knew it was destiny!
I was to have my own Belle cape!

This tutorial is how to make a hooded cape, you can do it with whatever fabric you like,
but I will spotlight the Belle cape, because the fabric match was just too perfect.

Step 2: Back to the Cape!

Picture of Back to the Cape!
Here's what you will need to construct your own.
I consider myself a "costume" sewer.  I don't know all the fancy lingo.  I can follow a pattern, but I usually don't.
  • Sewing machine and basic sewing skills.  (you'll need to sew 3 straight lines, a slightly curved hood line and do a little gathering)
  • Fabric of choice  (I used 3 yards of fabric for Belle's cape...but 5 for my RED Riding Hood cape)
  • Some type of cape clasp or button and cord.
Easy right?

Let's talk fabric.
If you get fabric that frays, you'll need to do hemming on the edges to finish it the robes I did.
If you pick out something that doesn't fray, you don't even need to hem those edges!  Imagine how warm you'd be in a fleece cape! we go!

Ive been wanting a red round hood cloak but unfortunately, I dont have a sewing machine. Is there any way I can purchase cloaks from you? That would be so awesome and a dream come true

jhutchison14 months ago

made a short version of this after being asked to make cape for friend. she wants a variation but I love mine!

doodlecraft (author)  jhutchison13 months ago

It's fabulous! Nice work and beautiful need to do an instructable on those! :)

jhutchison13 months ago
this is my short version :) its just below shoulder blades at back with giant hood to accomodate Judi's dreads
Sooo cute! love the red one, it looks awesome on you!
doodlecraft (author)  Muhaiminah Faiz8 months ago
Thanks! :) I love it, I actually styled it after Morgana from the merlin series, but didn't want to over do the instructable with my tv obsessions. :)

you can never overdo an instrucable with referances.

you can never overdo an instrucable with referances.

kodiwoedee4 months ago
lduchanes5 months ago

Is there any possible way you can go into more detail about how you did the hood? I always have trouble with that part.

thehbird5 months ago

OMG cant belive it was belle's cape!!!!!! LOVE ONCE UPON A TIME!!!!! <3

I have one thing to say... GORGEOUS!!!!
foobear8 months ago

Wow, you found almost the same brocade in the film! Nice!

Emsaid8 months ago
Great ible! has some cool pewter cloak clasps if anybody is wondering where to get them at fair price.
doodlecraft (author)  Emsaid8 months ago

Awesome website, it even has the Rumpelstiltskin clasp! Thanks! :)

chickybut18 months ago


cblair18 months ago
If anyone can help me, I am blind (my reader may be just missing it) I would love this cloak for so many reasons, Is there a way I can email this to my friend so she can see if she can make it for me? Thank you!
You can download the instructable as a PDF and email it to her

or just email her a link to this page
AmyCat598 months ago
Over 30 years ago, when I was an undergrad and just getting into the Society for Creative Anachronism (medieval/renaissance historical-reenactment group www. -- lots of fun if you like things like "Once Upon A TIme"!), I made a cloak sorta like this... First SCA costume I made. I still have it. If you plan on wearing one outside a lot, in harsh weather, go for 100% wool, and "felt" it by laundering before you sew. (Actually, launder ALL your fabric before you sew, unless you plan to spend the $$ for dry-cleaning forever after!) Wash on a normal cycle, and toss in a white rag or scrap. (This way, you'll see if the color "bleeds" and will stain other clothes washed with it.) Then tumble dry on medium heat. This will pre-shrink the wool and cause it to "felt" together, making it more water-resistant.
xarlock6678 months ago
Most kewl!
doodlecraft (author)  xarlock6678 months ago
Thanks! :)
HollyHarken8 months ago
Beautiful! Many years ago back in the late 80's I made a cape out of a red wool blend fabric. I still wear it on occasion all these years later. I like your clasp better than the frog I'm using. I'll have to look into a better clasp like the one you have. I voted for you!:)
doodlecraft (author)  HollyHarken8 months ago
Awesome, I bet that is so warm! We made a jedi style robe out of old army wool blankets, and that thing is warm! Perfect for cold Halloweens. I need to make a warm cape for everyday wear, that red wool sounds perfect! :) Thank you!
Afterglow8 months ago
oh wow! this looks amazing, and so simple too! I may try adding a contrasting lining to one. I needed a black and blue cape for a costume I want to put together.
doodlecraft (author)  Afterglow8 months ago
Yes to contrasting! I'm dying to do a black with red vampiric! Great idea, thanks!
cblair18 months ago
Thank you! I am in a wheel chair and find antique capes perfect, however they are hard to find and some should not be worn in snow and rain. Your capes are just what I need, hopefully my best friend will be able to make a few for me!!! I already have my antique clasps and fabric picked out from our inventory. We have a turn of the century dress form in our antique shop for displays, it is our number one item asked about, but we will never sell it, good luck on purchasing one!!!!!!
doodlecraft (author)  cblair18 months ago
Ooh, sounds like you are a collector of amazing things! I'd love to have a look around your shop! :)
Cheese Queen8 months ago
Capes are the best!
Back 40 some odd years ago, when I was a hippie chick in high school I wore a huge velvet cape that was a cast-off from the local Metropolitan Opera. People from my past whom I haven't seen in decades STILL remember that cape.
doodlecraft (author)  Cheese Queen8 months ago
Oh my, that is my goal...I would LOVE a rich velvet cape! How awesome--way to make a statement! :)
thebeatonpath8 months ago
Where did you get the clasp?! I LOVE IT!
doodlecraft (author)  thebeatonpath8 months ago
I bought it on ebay for about $'s my favorite part!
Just type in celtic knot clasp.
Shadri8 months ago
This is a great pattern! THANK YOU!! Ive been wanting a cloak for some time now. Bwahah! To the thrift store I go!
Now, to figure out how to add sleeves... :)
You made that cape! Awesome job!
doodlecraft (author)  Penolopy Bulnick8 months ago
Thanks! :)
HollyMann8 months ago
So cute!!! I love them! I haven't watched that show - but my recent instructable was also inspired by a show I'm obsessed with - Downton Abbey - so I understand that! :) These are beautiful and I would definitely wear one!!!
doodlecraft (author)  HollyMann8 months ago
Holly--We should hang out! I love DA too...I am working on a bunch of lace and pearl accessories right now! :)
Thank you!
I wish! That would be so much fun! I am also about to post a quick little instructable on a little pearl/beaded hair pin...something simple! I can't wait to see yours! I would love to make a cape like this - without the beautiful material - more warm fleecy stuff for at home and a shorter one for out and about. Much cuter than a snuggie!! :)) And your daughter is Gorgeous! :)
And, you look beautiful too! Forgot to say that!!! have a good weekend and stay warm!
doodlecraft (author)  HollyMann8 months ago
Oh thanks! Thankfully she loves being my little model...she even wore the cape to church and everyone loved it...even some grown men recognized her character! ha ha.
Can't wait to see what you've been up to...I'm so excited for the next series of DA...I want to go watch all the old episodes again! :)