Capes or cloaks are amazing!
They can be formal and classy, they can be rugged and not much more than a poncho.
They are easy to make and make a statement--
Great for costumes, fancy dresses or keeping warm!

We've been watching 'Once Upon a Time'...any other mildly obsessed fans out there?
When we first met Belle, we loved her!
We love her awesome accent too!

Step 1: Tangent about Belle...

Belle decides to travel to the village...and this is what she wears.
At this moment of the show...I froze.
I paused the show.
I ran to my craft room and dug through my old material...identical!
I had purchased this fabric at a yard sale years ago for around $1.
It's a thick, almost upholstery material with some glimmer.

I knew it was destiny!
I was to have my own Belle cape!

This tutorial is how to make a hooded cape, you can do it with whatever fabric you like,
but I will spotlight the Belle cape, because the fabric match was just too perfect.
Roughly How many yards of fabric would you use for someone 5 ft tall?
<p>Do you think this pattern would be appropriate to recreate this (minus the horns)</p><p><a href="http://furrociousfurr.com/product/unisex-faux-fur-cape-faun/" rel="nofollow">http://furrociousfurr.com/product/unisex-faux-fur-...</a></p><p>I was thinking about maybe just changing the taper on the two front panels to make room for the arm holes, making the cape a little shorter, and adding elastic on the inside... </p><p>It would be interesting to get your opinion, I'm somewhat of a novice sewer... Although I will be getting help</p>
<p>I will be using your pattern to make some simple cloaks for my family and clan in the SCA....ty for the turtorial. </p>
<p>I do have a question... Roughly...how many yards does it take to make a hooded cloak for someone that is 5 foot 11in?</p>
I generally figure on 4-6 yards for a good cape/robe. It depends on how full you want it and how long. Darth Maul's costume used over 50 yards of material...so that's the comparison. :)<br>I'd go with 6 if I was making one for my husband, who is about that tall. :)
<p>I don't sew often and I surprised myself by making two small cloaks to this pattern in one day, for my kids. The second turned out better than the first, but the kids picked their own fabric and they both are thrilled. I used a fleece that I didn't hem. Very pleased with the pattern. You do need a lot of fabric though if you want to make the full width.</p>
<p>That looks AWESOME! And no offense, what you are calling a cape is actually a cowl!</p>
<p>Cape is correct (or less ambiguously, long hooded cape). Cloak might be more accurate because of the length (cape can be short or long, but usually short). Cowl generally refers to an entirely closed garment with sleeves. :) It is a little confusing, since the words are often used interchangeably.</p>
<p>WHAT! I just read your bio and my mom homeschooled me and my two siblings!</p>
<p>I stumbled upon your tutorial on google before I signed up here. Just wanted to say thanks! It helped me out for my costume. I used polar fleece and it kept me warm enough. :)</p>
<p>A tutorial for those reversible seams (known as French seams), can be found here... http://www.tillyandthebuttons.com/2013/02/how-to-sew-french-seams.html</p>
<p>Beautiful cape! I'm an amateur cosplayer and this tutorial looks doable for me. :) I do need a warm, practical cape for winter.. thank you so much for sharing!</p>
<p>Wow I am obsessed with Once Upon a Time, (like to the point where I NEED to have everything that is very authentic) this will be perfect for me!</p>
<p>Wow I am obsessed with Once Upon a Time, (like to the point where I NEED to have everything that is very authentic) this will be perfect for me!</p>
<p>I was lady death for halloween, and made my cloak out of an old duvet cover. I fell so in love! I wish I had a proper photo of it all but unforetunately the selfie is all I have of it. It was super easy to make, and it is beautifully made. I hand sewed the hood and machine sewed everything else - it was all a breeze! I think I'm going to be wearing mine casually :3</p>
<p>Haha, I clicked the &quot;made it&quot; button, but my sister and I are actually making it right now. :) I a sewing it red, for Red Riding Hood for Halloween.</p>
<p>What kind of fabric is the beautiful green cape in?</p>
<p>I'm currently obsessed with Once Upon a Time and am making a Snow White when she was a runaway in the Enchanted Forest inspired costume. I'll be using your tutorial for my cape!</p>
I loved the once upon a time red riding hood cape and that is going to be one of my firsts :)
<p>Thank you so much for the easy to follow directions! My daughter LOVES her cloak! </p>
<p>I was wondering if you could post the measurements of all the pattern pieces for your red cape? Thank you!</p>
I'm going to make one for everyday use and one for my Harry Potter costume:)
Is there a way that you can make me one and I could pay you for it? I would love that!!
<p>Thank you for the pattern. I made this with drapery fabric and lined it to hide the seams, so it's reversible. My daughter loves it, and now I want one too. :)</p>
<p>Traveling cloak, Here I come! I've been looking for something like this for a while... THANK YOU</p>
<p>THIS!!! This is exactly what I was looking for!!! oh thank you for posting. You're wonderful!!!</p>
<p>Do you know where I could find this fabric? </p>
Really easy and fun to make. Utilized your pattern twice to make a lined cloak. Used micro velvet and crepe satin. It's a surprise for my sister-in-law for her wedding.
I watch Once Upon a Time too!!!!
<p>I have this cape, I had it made yrs ago and it is beautiful. I live in Georgia and it never gets cold enough to wear it.. it is so beutiful Im looking for a pattern to make one. Someone gave me 7 bolts of wool fabric I can not let it just sit there. Im going to find someone that lives where it snows and give them a nice gift. I do not understand how to get patterns from this site. If anyone can help please let me know. my email is Uqtipie@aol.com</p>
OMG u like once upon a time so do I. I love it :-)
I have 3 yards of fabric for this cape but i am terrified of cutting it wrong, would you be able to recall measurements by chance. Ive jist started sewing patterns and I'd love take this for Halloween
<p>I have a question about the hood. from the pattern, it looks like the opening for your face is along the folded edge. Did you cut the folded edge before or after sewing the back of the hood. I am sort of confused on this part.</p>
<p>The face opening is on an open edge...the top of the hood that goes over your skull and down the back of your neck is the folded edge. Sorry the pictures for attaching the hood to the cape are lacking!</p>
<p>Please, please rectify the missing picture problem by just saying what edge to attach to the cape!! I had to cut two hoods, I attached the wrong end to the cape, and finally just sewed one of the hoods on in a way that made it sort of work. The hood also needs more precise dimensions to fall correctly.</p>
<p>I love this idea, these are so beautiful. I'm thinking about making myself one with two layers of crushed velvet. But I had a question. How tall are you and your daughter? I'm 5'4&quot; and if you're more of an average height (5'7&quot; or so?), I would need less fabric. Thank you and again I love these cloaks.</p>
Hi AmandaB2,<br>I'm 5'2&quot; and my daughter is probably 4 inches shorter. A phenomenal robe has lots of yards of material...Darth Maul had over 50 yards in his costume! :) 2 layers of crushed velvet would be glorious! :) Take pictures and post one when you make it!
this is my short version :) its just below shoulder blades at back with giant hood to accomodate Judi's dreads
<p>This is awesome! </p>
<p>I really don't understand what part of the hood is supposed to attach to the rest of the cape...</p>
<p>The top of the hood that goes over <br> your skull and down the back of your neck is the folded edge...you sew from the back of the neck up to the rounded or pointy end. This seam is &quot;hidden&quot; by the bulk of the hood. That edge with the vertical seam then is sewn onto the cape...and your face has a big opening that just needs to be hemmed. Sorry <br>the pictures for attaching the hood to the cape are lacking!</p>
<p>Ive been wanting a red round hood cloak but unfortunately, I dont have a sewing machine. Is there any way I can purchase cloaks from you? That would be so awesome and a dream come true </p>
<p>made a short version of this after being asked to make cape for friend. she wants a variation but I love mine!</p>
<p>It's fabulous! Nice work and beautiful flowers...you need to do an instructable on those! :)</p>
Sooo cute! love the red one, it looks awesome on you!
Thanks! :) I love it, I actually styled it after Morgana from the merlin series, but didn't want to over do the instructable with my tv obsessions. :)
<p>you can never overdo an instrucable with referances.</p>
<p>you can never overdo an instrucable with referances.</p>
<p>Is there any possible way you can go into more detail about how you did the hood? I always have trouble with that part.</p>

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