Gridding a Picture... Make Any Image Bigger, Smaller, or Copy It.


Introduction: Gridding a Picture... Make Any Image Bigger, Smaller, or Copy It.

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Gridding an image has been around for hundreds of years. You can use gridding to make an image bigger, smaller or the same size (copy it). Gridding is a mathmatical process but don't let that scare you... it's easy.

I am going to give you the basics and with some practice you can do some amazing drawings.

Below is an image one of my middle school students did of me.  

Step 1: Getting Started

There are lots of ways to do this... but the basic idea is to draw what is in one square... in another square.

Here is what you will need:
Picture or printed image. (For this we will use an 8"x10" printed image)
Big piece of paper (for this it's 18"x24")
Straight edge (long ruler or stick or yard stick)

Start by gridding you 8"x10" image.
1. Starting in the corner of the image and moving across the top, side, bottom and other side make a mark every 1".
2. Your marks on the top and bottom of the image should line up. Same with the sides 

Step 2: Drawing the Grid

Using your ruler draw a line connecting the top and bottom marks.. one at a time. They should be parallel.

Do the same thing from side to side.  

This will create a 1" grid over your image

Step 3: Letters and Numbers

Now you are going to add letters, across the top of your image.

And numbers down the side.

Note: that "1" & "A" are the same square! 

Step 4: Grid the Big Paper...

Now you are going to do the same thing you just did... only bigger.

On your big piece of paper, starting in the corner, make a mark every 2" across the top, down the side, across the bottom and up the last side.

Using the straight edge, stick or yard stick to connect the makrs from the top and bottom.

Connect the marks from the sides with the ruler.

All your lines should be parallel.

*(It's the same as the little paper.... your just doing 2" grid rather than 1" grid)

ABC's & 123's... Across the top of your big paper put a letter in each box...

Down the side put a number in each box. "1" & "A" are in the same box.

When you are done you will have a big paper with a 2" grid.

Step 5: One Square at a Time...

Now you are going to draw one square at a time.. that's the trick. Anyone can do this and it turns out really cool.

Start in square 1A.. whatever is in that square draw it in square 1A on the big paper...
Then move to square 1B... 1C... one square at a time.

The trick is to draw in the big square... whatever is in the same little square... one at a time.

I am currently working on this drawing and will post the images when I am done.

*(I have included some presentations that I have made that might help)



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    even though all rulers are 1inch width apart the wooden ones have a coper edge on top that bends on the ends away from the middle which is why grids are crooked

    How can i draw grid lines on a A3 size paper?

    i saw a photo of you drawing a grid the beginning inch is not at the edge of the paper .

    How can I grid this on a 20 by 28 paper

    1 reply

    Make a mark down each edge of the paper... every inch. Draw straight lines connecting the marks. Then do it on top and bottom, connect lines. It's all about the squares. Dosn't matter how big or small as long as you have the same number of squares on the drawing paper and the picture.

    Practice. Make a mark every inch down each end of the paper. Connect the marks and draw the line with a ruler. It takes practice.

    My grids on the two papers don't match up????

    Make one mark every inch across the top starting in the corner. Then do the same thing across the bottom. Then each side. Connect the marks and your lines should be straight.