Gumball Machine Costume that Actually Dispenses Real Gumballs

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Picture of Gumball Machine Costume that Actually Dispenses Real Gumballs
My daughter decided to exercise her creative genius this year and wanted to be a gumball machine for Halloween. I toyed around with a lot of different design ideas, but this is the one that ultimately worked for her. It is lightweight and easy to walk in and take on and off. And even better, we made it so it could dispense real gumballs. Lots of treats and a few tricks make this a great costume.

Materials needed:

Cardboard Box
craft knife/scissors
red spray paint
variety of brightly colored spray paints
hot glue
4 narrow dowels
20 ping pong balls
2 Disposable bread pans
Red Electrical Tape
Black Sharpie
1 yard of 1" wide sturdy elastic
Stapler and staples
2" PVC cap
1 1/2 inch PVC sleeve
3/8"x4" Lag bolt
5 each 3/8" nuts
5 each 3/8" washers
Shape Lock design plastic
Several Large gumballs
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Step 1: Body of Costume

Picture of Body of Costume
Find box that is as close fitting to the body as possible, fitting under the armpits. I used a diaper box. There needs to be space in the front of the box to fit the dispenser in between the body and the box--about three inches.
Cut the top flaps off (saving one to use later), cut the bottom three inches of the box off trying to keep the edges as straight as possible, using a straight edge and craft knife (this will later be the cap/top of the gumball machine). Use spray paint to paint the box, the cut off bottom and saved flap red. I used Krylon red enamel gloss spray paint.
bajablue3 years ago
Happy daughter in unique costume= 5 Stars and one of my votes!!! ;-D
kaikudo3 years ago
OMG is so cute XD if i ever get a kid this is what he/she going to be wearing >:)
She looks so awesome + she looks so happy = huge success!