HALLOWEEN Necklaces Made With Hot Glue! Dripping Blood, Spider Webs and Stitches!





Introduction: HALLOWEEN Necklaces Made With Hot Glue! Dripping Blood, Spider Webs and Stitches!

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Make awesome Halloween Necklaces out of Hot Glue!

The Spider Web Collar Necklace
Frankenstein Monster Stitches
And Dripping Blood!

Step 1: Let's Get Started on This 5 Minute Project!

Amazing right?
So easy.  Here's how to start.
You'll need a silicone mat (I used my silpat)
and a hot glue gun with plenty of glue sticks.
I'd avoid a mini glue gun since you have to pump out so much glue...
but you could try it if that's all you have...let me know how it works!

You'll also need paint or sharpies...and some twine.
So easy, anyone could do it!

Step 2: Step by Step...

Run hot glue right onto the mat, careful not to
touch the actual tip to the mat.

Here's the step by step:
Start with a big blob and a line to another big blob.
This should fit roughly around your neck.
I did mine between 13 and 15 inches.

Just make sure to connect the hot glue to the necklace line.
Easy!  And this glue gun has a tiny little tip for precision work!
When the glue cools, it peels right off the mat PERFECTLY!!!

Step 3: Add Some Color!

Now for some color!
For the drips of blood I used a sharpie and just colored it!
For the web and the stitches I just misted on some spray paint!

Then I punched a hole in the large side pieces...
Tie one some twine or string...
Wrap around the victims neck and tie in a bow!

Step 4: Time to Admire!

For a perfect Halloween statement!
Now, go be awesome!

Hope you liked this tutorial!

Check out my blog Doodlecraft for more awesomeness!
And please vote for me in the Halloween Props contest!




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This is amazing these are really creative! I am speechless this is just soo good

I tried on waxpaper and hot glue stuck to it. Any suggestions? Spray something on it?

Step one, don't use wax paper. You might be able to soak it in water and see if you can peel the wax paper off. Use a silicone baking mat, they are no-stick for a reason. :)

What a great idea!
Do you know what can I use instead of a silicone mat?
I was thinking maybe waxed paper.

very nice, looks like you are ready for this halloween.

The stitches would be great for my costume... I was looking to see who sells this kind of thing but why pay a lot to something you can so easily make yourself? This is genius! Although I'm wondering how I'm able to pin this to my Pinterest site?

this is great

Just made my girls accent necklaces for their costumes, awesome thanks

Awesome, post some pictures...we'd love to see! Thanks too--Happy Halloween!