Step 9: Finishing Touches

Normally, I would paint all of the graphics, but due to the small details and time constraints, we decided to use stickers. We used white printable stickers and printed graphics we found on a Google image search. We cut out the stickers and placed them on the car.

We then laid down many light coats of clear paint.

Note: Even after using balsa wood for the added pieces, the car weighed 6.1 oz. We had to hollow out the under side byr drilling and using the dremel tool.
i made a more detailed one, put leds into it. it has light, but one light does not work now.
Awesome! =)
Wow that looks great none of mine ever looked that good. the wood filler is a great tip too bad I didn't know about that.&nbsp; <br />
LOVE the paint job!
Aww, I read "pinewood derby" and thought "soapbox derby"- a ride-on wooden humvee would be something to see!
Is it loud and noisy and leak fluids like a real M988? What did you name it? Mine was named shake-n-bake it gave the gate guards a laugh when we drove up. Thats, pretty cool, let your scout wear your Kevlar on race day. Ha!
Well, my boy is calling it "The General Lee Humvee". Some of the major advantages to a wooden HMMWV are that it doesn't leak or need constant PMCSing. However, it is about as underpowered as the real thing when it comes to going up hills (though my truck was an M1038ww).

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