I will be giving you instructions on how to do a quick simple throwie. throwies are not hard and can be very sick if you do them correctly. if you need any further help beyond this instructable e-mail my at skylinelvr101@yahoo.com. I will be happy to help anyone that wants to learn, no matter what level your at. P.S. dont come to this tut just to write a negative comment saying i suck, cause i know what level im at, i've been writing for years. ONLY PEOPLE THAT ACTUALLY NEED HELP, COME TO THIS AND YOU COULD LEARN A SIMPLE TECHNIQUE TO START OUT THOSE THROWIES..PEACE


<p>for a different style check out this one : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=goeZfErv-9c </p>
i can see you're one of the losers of the graff world. this tut is almost a year old . i don't write anymore and its in the title "QUICK AND SIMPLE." grow up and start respecting people or nobody is gonna care about how good you think you are
watever u need to tell urself
hey don't pick on this dood I don't see you putting any art up leave the kid alone one day he's gonna be making more money than you while you live in a trailer park so quit ok?
dont be a little baby ok. you obviously have no life or you wouldn't have came on this just to talk down on it. go outside and do something with your life because graffing alone won't help you in life.
i looked at it because i thought it might actually be good, but it wasnt
ur just a toy
how would u do an r in that style?
go to the forums on graffiti creator..they have letter contests and you can get ideas for different letters, such as an R. i don't write too much anymore
I...............HATE............CAPATAL LEEEETTTTEERRRRRRRRRRRRSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i luv ur graffiti plz try 2 make more;)
hvay are they no picure at step 5
you can fill it in whatever color you want
dats fresh i like u really brought it back
fresh tag lesson! i have a 15 year old "throwie" under a bridge near my town. noone can reach it to clean it! nice instructable. slop!
nice bro..stay up
Can you do some tutorials for walls 'n stuff?
Take the throwie you made and throw it up.
this is cool and helpful could you post an instructable on how to do borders like the one around your example
That's a useful (d I mean useful?) bit of advice.<br/><br/>I'll probably never do it on a wall, but I will probably do it on a poster.<br/><br/><sub>(teacher+learner, please read my PM)</sub><br/>
OK, scratch that - the &quot;+&quot; in your user name has messed up the search function - when I try and look at your orange board to send a PM, all I get is an error message.<br/><br/>Can you please PM me, as I have some stuff you need to know?<br/><br/><sub>I suggest you also PM one of the <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/about/">Team</a> to see about editing your username somehow so that you don't miss out on, well, <em>everything</em>.</sub><br/>
lol didn't know that was called a Throwie, I've always called those bubble letters. But it's cute, and I like the yellow border design, very cool

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