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This is a costume I did for 2010. I made it with huge hands and arms(the arms have a clothes dryer metal hose at the elbow joint for movement and a wood rod inside to move the arm), tall feet and legs(the feet have 2×4 stilts built right in to them)for the paints i used purple spandex and tried to pull and glue it across a foam muscle base.The entire body is made from hand carved foam muscles,a layer of white spandex glued for a smooth layer and liquid latex over that.Almost all of the materials can be purchased at your local fabric shop or even picked up from stuff you may have laying around your house. the entire suite is only 30 lbs and is over 8 foot tall. This project took 3 1/2 weeks working 6-8 hours a day. I hope you enjoy it.

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    Awesome job. Never seen anyone really manage to pull of the Hulk as well as this.

    I am having a big marvel themed party and would love to have this and a couple more characters as stage props? Can you help me out?

    can you make instructions on how to make it

    can you make instructions on how to make it

    I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction as to where you got your foam. I'm working on my own version of a Hulk costume and would love the help if you could provide me w that source. Thanks a bunch

    Excellent costume!!! Anyway you could send me more step my step instructions for this? I would love to tackle this for this year. Thanks and great job!

    Take this basic framework and 'skin' it with a starcraft Terran Marine :D

    i would like to know how to build the torso and upper arms.

    i have a project in mind but i am not sure how to build the body.

    can u help?

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    This is one of the most incredible (pardon the pun) costumes I have ever seen. Can't believe anyone would ever give you second place in any contest!

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    Thanks alot, but it isn't what the judges think at that point of a contest, its the crowd. Unfortunately the winner had more movement and could better position himself on the stage because he was small. My costume was 8 feet tall didn't have the ability (yet) to jump on stage! Next year I'm going all out with 6 homemade costumes 3 will be new 3 redone.

    Costume looks good. Glad you won second at the Contest in Akron. Did you make it to the boneyard in Mayfield Heights?

    After one night in Akron, I had had enough on the stilts. No way I was doing two nights in a row.