Step 8: Test it out!

Once the lantern is together - go test it out!

It's great for camping, blackouts, Trick-or-Treating - heck, you might even throw the whole thing inside a Jack-0-Lantern.

With the nice square base, it sits very well, so it can be set down and allow both hands free to do what you need to do. You can also sit the lantern on end to point the light straight up and bounce-light an entire room.

I like the way the handle feels. It's surprisingly comfortable, and the lantern hangs just right from it.

It's a 5AH battery, and the bulb is basically 1 amp, so that means it's a 4-hour run time to 80% battery discharge.

The lamp itself is rather bright and has a large area of illumination - it's most comparable to a car headlight in it's pattern, although not as bright as that.

Now you go make one!
Will yours be more steam-punkier? Will you use a different bulb? Let me know how yours turns out!

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Great ible ! I love recycle projects like this, there are so many items out there for re-use. This whole project couldbe done using all recycled parts. It is genious in its simplicity. Two thumbs way up!