Picture of Hair Clip
As anyone with long hair knows, forgetting a hair clip or ponytail holder can be a real pain in the neck. 

There's no need to resort to plain rubber bands and damage your hair in the name of convenience - here's a quick and easy bun slide you can make using basic office supplies and one of those spare cards you're certain to find in your wallet.  

I've worn this one at work all day, and it's kept my hair safely up and away from my 6-month-old's grabby fingers.  Success!

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Step 1: Find a card

Picture of Find a card
This is probably easy - raid your wallet for expired cards.  If you don't have one, peek over the cubicle wall and ask your coworker.  I'm using an expired Duane Reade loyalty card, but most anything* will do.

*I'd recommend against using credit cards for security reasons, but otherwise go to town.

Step 2: Punch holes in card

Picture of Punch holes in card
This is best done using a hole punch, but my office doesn't have a hole punch.  It does, however, have a drill press, so I used a 5/16" drill bit.  Use whatever you've got on hand - a Dremel or an exacto knife would be fine as well.

Make sure to punch (or drill) your holes about one hole diameter away from the card's edge for maximum strength.  Sand off any rough bits left from your hole punching.

Note:  if you've got lots of hair, punch the holes in opposite corners of the card - the resulting diagonal will hold more hair.

Step 3: Find a pen or pencil

Picture of Find a pen or pencil
The last piece you need is a pen, pencil, or even a disposable chopstick from yesterday's lunch.  Simply fit it through the holes in the card, and you're good to go!

I tested this with a pencil, but decided on a slightly thinner and pointier ball-point pen to avoid hair snags.  Your mileage may vary - just use anything readily available that won't bleed ink on you.

This is grrrrrreat! So much cooler than just pencils in my bun
cristoph1 year ago
It might look cooler if you use a iTunes card
 haha!!! so simple yet so great, good job!
I love your name, headlessbubble! What a hoot!
crashwg5 years ago
Hey, you're not supposed to use a drill press with your hair down.
I'm nearly a year late, but I just saw this comment and had a good laugh! ;D
Sagi5 years ago
Looks good! I will try it! Thank you for sharing!
sharon02325 years ago
good idea! i should try this
QueenQuill5 years ago
Geek Chic at it's finest!  Awesome. 
insomniaSAH5 years ago
Alas, I have too much hair for the average card to hold x3

But this is an excellent idea! Good job.
Maybe you could use one of those 'Bed Bath & Beyond' 20% off coupon cards they send in the mail. ;-)
lala19895 years ago
it's funny~
PoeDunkMae5 years ago
Interesting!  I think my hair is too thick, but will have to give it a try sometime.

Ditto here, but I might do this when it's short in the hot months.

Kiteman5 years ago
" office doesn't have a hole punch.  It does, however, have a drill press..."


laxap Kiteman5 years ago
This is SO five stars! I am going to do it NOW to get my hair up! Thank you!
>claps hands< Much nicer than the plain 'ol pen trick. Nice. 

So hard to believe she's 6 months old already! :0
Doctor What5 years ago
 Neat trick!  I don't think I could pull it off though.  
Very inventive!!  I think I have too much hair for it, but I've always envied people who could use these.